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      • About Duchess Eufemia von Silesia-Liegnitz EUPHEMIA von Liegnitz, daughter of HEINRICH V "the Fat" Duke of Liegnitz [Piast] & his wife Elźbieta of Poland [Piast] ([1278/83]-Jun 1347). As a widow, she was lady of Wangen, Sansheim and Castelruth. Duke Otto & his wife had four children:
  1. Duchess Eufemia von Silesia-Liegnitz (of Legnica) (1281 ...

    Apr 27, 2019 · About Duchess Eufemia von Silesia-Liegnitz. EUPHEMIA von Liegnitz, daughter of HEINRICH V "the Fat" Duke of Liegnitz [Piast] & his wife Elźbieta of Poland [Piast] ( [1278/83]-Jun 1347). As a widow, she was lady of Wangen, Sansheim and Castelruth [816]. Duke Otto & his wife had four children:

  2. Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily - Wikipedia

    Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz Elizabeth of Carinthia (1298–1352) was an influential queen and royal family member in the Kingdom of Sicily , who lived and ruled in a tumultuous time. The daughter of the Otto , the penultimate duke of Carinthia and lord of Carniola from the House of Gorizia , she married Peter II of Sicily in 1323 and became the Queen of Sicily.

    • 1298
    • 25 June 1337 – 15 August 1342
  3. Pedigree: Eufemia (Duchess) of SILESIA-LIEGNITZ

    Eufemia (Duchess) of SILESIA-LIEGNITZ. aka Euphemia von SCHLESIEN-LIEGNITZ. Born: ? Died: 1347. HM George I's 11-Great Grandmother. HRE Ferdinand I's 6-Great ...

  4. Elisabeth of Carinthia (1298 - 1349) - Genealogy

    Elisabeth or Elizabeth (1298 – after 1347) was the daughter of Otto III of Carinthia and Tyrol (also numbered as Otto II) by his wife Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz. She was born in Gorizia. Her paternal grandparents were Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia and Elisabeth of Bavaria. Her maternal grandparents were Henry V the Corpulent and Elisabeth of Poland.

  5. another Jewish Invasion of England

    Nov 04, 2016 · His great grandmother was Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz, and she was part of the same Arpad dynasty we saw above. That is very strange, and we may take it as a major clue here. She is descended directly from Bela IV of Hungary, who was also the grandfather of Maria Arpad above. This would make Euphemia the niece of Maria Arpad.*

  6. Eufemia Euphemia von Gorz Goriski Gorizia-Tyrol von Karnten (born von Silesia-Liegnitz) was born in 1285, at birth place, to Henryk V Brzuchaty Piast and Elzbieta Boleslawowna Brzuchaty (born Piast). Henryk was born in 1248, in Legnica, dolnoslaskie, Polska. Elzbieta was born in 1261, in Poznan, wielkopolskie, Polska.

  7. Henryk V Brzuchaty V, książę (c.1248 - 1296) - Genealogy

    Dec 03, 2017 · Henry V, Duke of Legnica From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry V the Fat (German: Heinrich V der Dicke, Polish: Henryk V Brzuchaty; b. ca. 1248 - d. 22 February 1296) was a Duke of Jawor (Jauer) from 1273, of Legnica (Liegnitz) from 1278 and also Duke of Wroclaw (Breslau) from 1290.

  8. Duke of Silesia - Find link

    Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts. ... Euphemia's only sister, ... Duke of Silesia-Liegnitz ? 6 Mar 1396 11 Jun 1419 17 May 1435 Euphemia Conrad II of.

  9. Stephen, Count Palatine of Simmern-Zweibrücken - Wikipedia

    Stephen of Simmern-Zweibrücken (German: Stefan Pfalzgraf von Simmern-Zweibrücken) (23 June 1385 – 14 February 1459, Simmern) was Count Palatine of Simmern and Zweibrücken from 1410 until his death in 1459.

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