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    Fausta. Flavia Maxima Fausta Augusta [a] (289/90 or c. 300 - 326 AD) was a Roman empress. She was the daughter of Maximian and wife of Constantine the Great, who had her executed and excluded from all official accounts for unknown reasons.

  2. Jul 13, 2018 · In AD326, a year after the culmination of a civil war that had given him total power over the Roman world, the Emperor Constantine condemned his son and heir Flavius Crispus Caesar and his wife Flavia Maxima Fausta (the Caesar's stepmother) to cruel and unusual execution.

  3. Italian. Based on. Tommaso Sgricci 's Crispo. Premiere. 12 January 1832. ( 1832-01-12) Teatro San Carlo, Naples. Fausta is a melodramma, or opera seria, in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. The Italian libretto was partly written by Domenico Gilardoni, who died while doing so: the remainder was written by Donizetti.

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    Fausta’s death followed that of the execution of Crispus, the eldest son of Constantine by mistress Minervina. The two deaths have been linked in various ways. It has been suggested that Fausta was either jealous of Crispus, as noted in the anonymous Epitome de Caesaribus, perhaps because her stepson, who was much closer to her in age, was ...

  6. Feb 26, 2024 · Fausta. (after 290 - 326 CE) This post is also available in: Polish ( polski) 26 February 2024. Chapters. Background. Marriage. Family disputes. At the height of power. Tragic end. Legacy. Fragment of a sculpture depicting Empress Fausta. Musée du Louvre. The life of Constantine the Great was not an easy one.

  7. Fausta (Flavia Maximiana Fausta) (fôs´tə), d. c.326, Roman princess. She was the wife of Constantine I, the daughter of Maximian, and the mother of Constantine II, Constantius II, and Constans I. It is said that she was put to death by Constantine I when she falsely accused Crispus, Constantine's son by his first wife, of attempting to ...

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    Greco-Roman religion. Flavius Julius Crispus ( / ˈkrɪspəs /; c. 300 – 326) was the eldest son of the Roman emperor Constantine I, as well as his junior colleague ( caesar) from March 317 until his execution by his father in 326. The grandson of the augustus Constantius I, Crispus was the elder half-brother of the future augustus ...

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