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    • 1. a lesbian whose appearance and behavior are seen as traditionally feminine.
    • 2. a woman: informal, dated "Gwen is one seriously fierce femme as she shows off her strength"


    • 1. female; feminine: "a post-feminist metaphor for femme empowerment"
  2. Femme | Definition of Femme by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › femme

    2 : a lesbian who is notably or stereotypically feminine in appearance and manner Examples of femme in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web For many femme people, liberation has been unlearning the message that someone else’s orgasm matters more than your own.

  3. Femme - Wikipedia › wiki › Femme

    Femme is most often a term used to describe a lesbian who exhibits a feminine identity. It is sometimes used by feminine gay men, bisexuals, and transgender individuals. The word femme itself comes from French and means 'woman'.

  4. Femme - definition of femme by The Free Dictionary


    1. Slang A person, especially a lesbian or a gay man, who exhibits stereotypical feminine traits, often in an exaggerated way. 2. Informal A woman or girl.

  5. Femme | Definition of Femme at › browse › femme

    noun a lesbian who embraces identity markers that are associated with traditional expressions of femininity, as clothing, hairstyle, interests, or behaviors. a gay man who embraces identity markers that are associated with traditional expressions of femininity. any person who adopts a feminine appearance, manner, or persona.

  6. Femme Meaning | Best 7 Definitions of Femme


    The definition of a femme is a woman or wife, or a lesbian who acts in a very feminine role, or a gay man who takes on a feminine role. A very girly lesbian who wears lots of pink lipstick and who might be called a "lipstick lesbian" is an example of a femme.

  7. Urban Dictionary: femme › define

    A femme is a lesbian who subverts, conforms to and reclaims femininity for herself and other women exclusively.

  8. femme - Wiktionary › wiki › femme

    femme (plural femmes) A woman, a wife; (now chiefly Canada, US) a young woman or girl. [from 19th c.] quotations ▼ (LGBT) A lesbian or other queer woman whose appearance, identity etc. is seen as feminine as opposed to butch. [from 20th c.] quotations ▼ Synonym: fem (less common)

  9. Femme - Nonbinary Wiki › wiki › Femme

    Femme is a term that refers to a queer person whose gender expression is considered to be feminine.It was originally used to distinguish feminine lesbian and bisexual women from butch women, and it is still one of the main uses of the term.

  10. What Does Femme Mean? The Difference Between Being Femme ... › articles › 166081-what-does-femme

    To put it simply, "femme" is a descriptor for a queer person who presents and acts in a traditionally feminine manner, as explained by feminist media site Autostraddle.

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