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    Definitions of Filippo_Maria_Visconti, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Filippo_Maria_Visconti, analogical dictionary of Filippo_Maria_Visconti (English)

  2. Archbishop Filippo Maria Visconti [Catholic-Hierarchy]

    Archbishop Filippo Maria Visconti (born 19 Aug 1721, died 30 Dec 1801) Archbishop of Milano {Milan} Event Place Birth Place: Massino Visconti, Diocese of Novara;

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    Filippo Maria Visconti (1392-1447) succeeded his assassinated brother, Giovanni Maria Visconti, as Duke of Milan in 1412. Filippo Maria's expansionist efforts led to conflict and war with Florence and Venice. He died in 1447, with no male heir, and was succeeded by his son-in-law, the condottiere Francesco Sforza.

  4. Filippo Maria Visconti - Storia Rinascimentale

    Filippo Maria Visconti (Milano, 3 settembre 1392 – Milano, 13 agosto 1447) è stato l’ultimo Duca di Milano della dinastia viscontea.

  5. Example sentences with "Filippo Maria Visconti", translation memory add example en A feudal lord, Alberto di Sacco, from the Mesolcina valley, took possession of Bellinzona in 1403, but he too found himself in difficulty when the Duchy's fortunes took a turn for the better under the leadership of Giovanni Maria and Filippo Maria Visconti .

  6. Philipp Maria Mailand, Herzog 1392-1447 Filippo Maria Visconti l'ultimo Duca visconteo a reggere il Ducato di Milano Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan, 1392-1447 Filippo Maria, Visconti, hertog van Milaan, 1392-1447 Filippo Maria Visconti, 1392-1447, duc de Milan Filippo Maria Visconti hertug av Milano 1392-1447

  7. Filippo Maria Visconti : Family tree by Francesco Maria ...

    Filippo Maria Visconti, Signore di Albizzate †1483 Family Tree owner : Francesco Maria CICOGNA MOZZONI ( fcicogna ) Contact

  8. Il ducato di Filippo Maria Visconti, 1412-1447. Economia ...

    The domination of Filippo Maria Visconti in Lombardy (1412-1447) was the result of an attempt, only partially successful, to recompose the vast territories already dominated by the first duke, Giangaleazzo Visconti.

  9. Filippo Maria Visconti, duke of Milano and perhaps the richest man in Italy in the early renaissance, had a fatal disturbance in his youth. His father Giangaleozzo on his way to become king of Italy was poisoned and died, when Filippo was 10 years old.

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    galeazzo maria sforza and bianca maria visconti 1466-1468 francesco sforza 1450-1466 ii republic 1447-1450 filippo maria visconti 1412-1447 gian carlo and estore visconti 1412 gian carlo visconti 1412 giovanni maria visconti 1402-1412 gian galeazzo visconti ii period 1395-1402 gian galeazzo visconti i period 1378-1395 bernabo visconti 1354-1385