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  1. flushed - Wiktionary

    flushed (comparative more flushed, superlative most flushed) Red in the face because of embarrassment , exertion , etc. 1922 , Virginia Woolf , chapter 1, in Jacob's Room :

  2. reflush - Wiktionary

    Mar 14, 2019 · re-flush; Etymology . re-+‎ flush. Attested (as a verb) since the 19th century. Verb . reflush (third-person singular simple present reflushes, present participle reflushing, simple past and past participle reflushed) (intransitive, transitive) To flush again. Noun . reflush (plural reflushes) Another flush. Anagrams . flusher

  3. Toilet - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Most toilets use water and to flush the waste through plumbing into a sewage system. However, some modern toilets do not use water, and are called dry toilets. A room that has a toilet can be called a "restroom" or "bathroom" in the United States. In other places it may be called the toilet or the water closet (WC).

  4. Flushed Thermostaff G | Adventurequest Wiki | Fandom

    Flushed Thermostaff G Magic Fire weapon. The special deals additional damage, but can also damage the player. Also see other Thermostaves ( https ...

  5. Rita Malone | Flushed Away Wiki | Fandom

    Rita Malone is the deuteragonist in Flushed Away. She is Roddy's girlfriend and partner. Rita is adventurous and brave, and has been seen to care for others and keep promises as well as being kind to her enormous family. Voice Actor: Kate Winslet

  6. Rita Malone | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom

    Rita Malone (simply known as "Rita") is one of the main characters in Flushed Away. She is Roddy St. James's love interest and at the end, his girlfriend. She is a strong, confident, sarcastic, brave, and short-tempered rat, who comes from a large family (called the Malones) Her mother, father, grandmother, and appears to be the oldest of 36 brothers and sisters. She lives in the sewers of ...

  7. flush 1 (flŭsh) v. flushed, flush·ing, flush·es v.intr. 1. To turn red, as from fever, embarrassment, or strong emotion; blush. 2. To glow, especially with a ...

  8. Flush | definition of flush by Medical dictionary

    flush [flush] 1. transient episodic redness of the face and neck caused by certain diseases, ingestion of certain drugs or other substances, heat, emotional factors, or ...

  9. Flush | Definition of Flush by Merriam-Webster

    Flush definition is - to fly away suddenly. How to use flush in a sentence.

  10. Quadrants | MS Paint Adventures Wiki | Fandom

    Matespritship is also described as the flushed quadrant and is denoted by the ♥ symbol. It is the quadrant most similar to the concept of human romance and is characterised by positive/loving emotions and is concupiscent (sexual). The term is a portmanteau of "mate" and "esprit" (French for "spirit"), as in a soul mate.