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    Folk music can have a number of different meanings, including: Traditional music: The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music" is now considered to encompass.

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    Folk music festivals proliferated during the 1930s. President Franklin Roosevelt was a fan of folk music, hosted folk concerts at the White House, and often patronized folk festivals. One prominent festival was Sarah Gertrude Knott's National Folk Festival, established in St. Louis, Missouri in 1934.

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    Generally, “folk music” refers to music that broad segments of the population—particularly the lower socioeconomic classes—understand, and with which they identify. In this respect it is the rural counterpart to urban popular music, although that music depends mainly on the mass media—recordings, radio, television, and to some degree ...

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    Feb 13, 2019 · American Folk Music . Traditionally sung and played within communities, that is, not created or produced for popular consumption, American folk music became embedded in mainstream tradition, creating some combination of folk and pop music, during the mid-20th Century "folk music revival.

  7. 50 Best Folk Music Artists of All Time - LiveAbout › best-folk-music-artists-of-all
    • The Alamanac Singers. The Almanacs were really the first folk music supergroup and spun off into rather successful careers for Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Josh White, Burl Ives, and various other folks who made up the core of the group or who joined them on occasion.
    • Ani DiFranco. Ani DiFranco is probably the most prominent Gen-X folksinger. Since the release of her self-titled debut in 1990, DiFranco has built an excessively loyal fanbase around the world, as well as a rather successful independent record label out of her hometown in Buffalo, NY.
    • Ben Harper. It's still remarkable that Ben Harper hasn't blown up any bigger than he is. He's managed to maintain a sort of cult following, bringing his soulful folk stylings to rather biting protest songs and incantations about justice and the human experience.
    • Bob Dylan. What list of folk music greats would be complete without a nod to Mr. Bob Dylan? He almost doesn't warrant an explanation as to how and why he deserves to be on this list, but I'll give one, anyway.
  8. Folk and Traditional Music and Popular Songs, with Lyrics, Music, Tune Information and History. behind the folksongs and ballads. Irish, British and American Folk Music. including Francis J. Child Ballads and Sea Shanties. The background music is Spanish Ladies.

  9. Irish music and Irish folk music - best THREE hours of Irish music. This Irish music collection is compiled for your enjoyment. On this channel, you will fin...

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    The Folk Music Center offers professional lessons to students of all ages and levels: beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you are looking for. “Our focus is to provide families, groups and individuals with a variety of musical instruments and accessories for ...

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