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    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (/ ˈroʊzəvəlt /, /- vɛlt /; January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945), often referred to by his initials FDR, was an American politician who served as the 32nd president of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945.

  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt - Facts, New Deal & Death - HISTORY

    Feb 05, 2020 · Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Early Life and Career Born on January 30, 1882, on a large estate near the village of Hyde Park, New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only child of his wealthy...

  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt | Biography, Presidency, Wife, Death ...

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, in full Franklin Delano Roosevelt, byname FDR, (born January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, New York, U.S.—died April 12, 1945, Warm Springs, Georgia), 32nd president of the United States (1933–45).

  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt | Encyclopedia of Alabama

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) was the 32nd president of the United States, holding office from 1933-45 as the country emerged from the Great Depression and entered World War II. His New Deal programs created millions of jobs, and the Birmingham-based Southern Conference for Human Welfare worked to promote the New Deal in the South.

  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt | The White House

    On St. Patrick’s Day, 1905, he married Eleanor Roosevelt. Following the example of his fifth cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt, whom he greatly admired, Franklin D. Roosevelt entered public...

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