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  1. Frederick II of Legnica - Wikipedia

    Frederick II, Duke of Legnica (Polish: Fryderyk II Legnicki) (12 February 1480 – 17 September 1547), also known as the Great of Legnica (Polish: Legnicki Wielki), was a Duke of Legnica from 1488 (until 1495 and 1505 with his brothers), of Brzeg from 1521.

  2. Frederick II of Legnica (1480-1547) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Frederick II Piast of Legnica, Duke of Brzeg, Duke of Legnica, was born 12 February 1480 to Frederick I of Legnica (1446-1488) and Ludmila of Poděbrady (1456-1503) and died 17 September 1547 of unspecified causes. He married Elisabeth of Poland (1482-1517) 21 November 1515 JL.

    • 17 September 1547
    • Duke of Brzeg Duke of Legnica
    • Elisabeth of Poland (1482-1517)
    • 21 November 1515
  3. Frederick II - Ancient History Encyclopedia

    May 14, 2020 · Frederick II was the only son of Henry VI (King of Germany r. 1169-1197 CE; Holy Roman Emperor r. 1191-1197 CE) and Constance (l. 1154-1198 CE), the daughter of Roger II (r. 1130-1154 CE), the Norman king of Sicily. His other grandfather was the legendary German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (r. 1152-1190 CE).

  4. Frederick II, Duke of Legnica, 1480-1547 - LC Linked Data ...

    Frederick II, Duke of Legnica, 1480-1547.

  5. Legnica - Wikipedia

    In 1505, Duke Frederick II of Legnica met in Legnica with the Duke of nearby Głogów, Sigismund I the Old, the future king of Poland. [12] Mausoleum of the last Piast dukes in the Saint John the Baptist church

    • +48 76
    • 113 m (371 ft)
    • city county
    • Poland
  6. Fryderyk II Legnicki - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ...

    Jan II meninggal dini pada tahun 1495, dan kemudian pada tahun 1498 Fryderyk II dapat memerintah Legnica secara langsung. Setelah adiknya masuk usia dewasa pada tahun 1505, mereka membagi wilayah mereka. Frederick II tetap menguasai Legnica dan kadipaten-kadipaten kecil lainnya, sementara Jerzy berkuasa di Brzeg dan Lublin.

  7. Frederick I of Legnica (1446-1488) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Frederick I Piast of Legnica, Duke of Lubin, Duke of Strzelin, Duke of Chojnow, Duke of Brzeg, Duke of Olawa, Duke of Legnica, was born 3 May 1446 to Jan I of Lubin (1425-c1453) and Hedwig of Brzeg (c1433-1471) and died 9 May 1488 of unspecified causes. He married Ludmila of Poděbrady (1456-1503) 5 May 1474 JL . Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Henry ...

    • 3 May 1446
    • Hedwig of Brzeg (c1433-1471)
    • 9 May 1488
    • Ludmila of Poděbrady (1456-1503)
  8. Frederick III of Legnica - Wikipedia

    He was the eldest son of Frederick II, Duke of Legnica-Brzeg, by his second wife Sophie, daughter of Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. Life Edit After the death of his father in 1547, Frederick III succeeded him in Legnica.

    • 22 February 1520
    • Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach
  9. Frederick I of Liegnitz - Wikipedia

    Frederick was born in Brzeg. He was the only son of John I, Duke of Lubin, by his wife Hedwig, daughter of Ludwik II of Brzeg. The successive deaths of his uncle Henry X (in 1452) and his own father (in 1453) left Frederick I as the last male representative of the Legnica-Brzeg branch of the Piast dynasty. The seven-year-old prince succeeded John I in Chojnow and Strzelin under the regency of his mother, the Dowager Duchess Hedwig.

  10. Frederick III of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Frederick III (Danish: Frederik; 18 March 1609 – 9 February 1670) was king of Denmark and Norway from 1648 until his death in 1670. He also governed under the name Frederick II as diocesan administrator (colloquially referred to as prince-bishop) of the Prince-Bishopric of Verden (1623–29 and again 1634–44), and the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen (1635–45).