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      • French rock is a broad term that can describe rock music made in France, made in the French language, made by French artists, or some combination of the three. Historically, French rock began in the "swingin' 60s " with the rise of artists inspired by the energetic British and A… read more rock
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    French rock is a broad term that can describe rock music made in France, made in the French language, made by French artists, or some combination of the three. Historically, French rock began in the "swingin' 60s " with the rise of artists inspired by the energetic British and American rock n roll sounds of the time.

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    Noir Désir was a French rock band. The band was founded in Bordeaux, France, in 1985 by singer Bertrand Cantat, drummer Denis Barthe, guitarist… Don't want to see ads?

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    French rock is a form of rock music produced in France, primarily with lyrics in the French language. French rock was born as early as mid-1950s, when writer, songwriter and jazz player Boris Vian wrote parody rock songs for Magali Noël or Henri Salvador. Although Vian despised rock and wrote these songs as attacks, they are highly acclaimed by French critics today and considered precursors.

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  6. 10 of the best rock bands from France | Louder › features › 10-of-the-best-rock
    • Trust. Nearly a decade before the famous Anthrax cover version, France had its own Antisocial anthem, a voice from a desperate nation. Trust were suburban blue-collar lost boys who mixed raw street punk with down-to-earth hard rock.
    • Mass Hysteria. A most incendiary modern metal posse, with live shows like battlefields. Think: tribal Sepultura-like rhythms, stroboscope-like machinery, and intense Prong-meets-Ministry industrial guitars.
    • Blackrain. These four guys rolled down their mountain with full make-up and spandex, matching a larger-than-life 80’s attitude with sharp pop metal song-writing.
    • Sloy. With post-punk fan singer Armand Gonzalez looking like a young Jaz Coleman and screaming goofy, hysterical vocal parts, this new school power trio embodied the best of 90’s alt.rock, with three albums.
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    Jun 14, 2019 · This French rock bands list is made up of many different artists, including Phoenix and Alizée. It also includes French rock bands with female singers. Upvote your favorite artists and downvote the worst to see the best at the top. What belongs closer to the top of this list, Serge Gainsbourg or Jacques Dutronc? All important, significant and iconic names in french rock music history deserve your votes, so make sure to choose wisely. You can only vote once on this list.

  8. A History of French Rock Music - Scaruffi › history › french
    • Prehistory
    • French Progressive-Rock
    • The New Wave
    • The 1990s

    During the first decades of the 20th century, Paris was the cultural capitalof Europe. Impressionist painters, decadent poets, populist novelists,pioneering filmmakers and folk singers created a colorful milieu thatcame to be identified with the eccentric side of the "Belle Epoque", theso called "Boheme", centered around the district of Montmartre.Their favorite entertainment was much freer than what the prevailingmoral dogmas prescribed. The performers of the "cafe-concert" began to singboth satirical and socially-aware tales, while the "cabarets" indulged incrazy dances and outrageous ballets. Entertainment became both a celebrationof individual pleasure and a meditation on collective canzone satirica, che acquistera` via via toni ora grotteschi ora ironici.The tone of popular music turned grotesque, tragic and colloquial, frequentlyenhanced by "maudit" overtones. Its content shifted towards populist themes, so that popular music became a chronicle of real life.Musicians...

    While the Anglosaxon world (and nearby Italy) was flooded with intellectualsinger-songwriters, France, that had basically pioneered the concept withthe chansonniers, was left behind.France saw the birth of the Celtic revival, the rediscovery and revitalization of the celtic tradition: Alan Stivell (2) started the commercial phenomenon with Renaissance De L'Harpe Celtique (1971) and Chemins De Terre/ From Celtic Roots (1973), and achieved his masterpiece with Tir Na Nog/ Symphonie Celtique(1980). The 1970s were a completely different decade from the Sixties.Suddenly, France became one of the leading European nations for rock music. Symphonic rock in the tradition of early King Crimson and Yes was wellrepresented in France byAnge's Le Cimetiere des Arlequins (1973),Atoll's L'Araignee-Mal (1975),Pulsar's Halloween (1977),Shylock's Ile De Fievre (1978),Eskaton's Ardeur (1980).These, no matter how proficient, were actually among the least original of the French progressive bands.All in a...

    The French (and Belgian) new wave was a chaotic cauldron of styles, from Telephone's pub-rock to Bijou's punk-rock,from La Muerte's psychobilly, best displayed on Surrealist Mystery (1984),Les Thugs' punk-pop,from Lil Louis's instrumental dance-pop (French Kiss, 1989) toTelex's synth-pop,from Des Airs' avant-pop of Lunga Notte (1982) toMinimal Compact'sOne By One (1983)art-funk (originally from Israel) ofDeadly Weapons (1984).French punk-rock boasted Oberkampf and especiallyEric Debris' combo Metal Urbain, whose three Ultravox-style singles (boasting synthesizer and drum-machine) were immortalized on the posthumous Les Hommes Morts sont Dangereux(1980). Demonic virtuoso Polish-born vocalist Mama Bea Tekielski delivered powerful rants that mixed pure sonic experiment and Patti Smith-style anger on LA Folle(1977). Switzerland's Yello pursued a lighter version of Kraftwerk's sci-fi cabaret on Solid Pleasure(1980) and then focused on parodies of disco-music. Despite the flood of recordi...

    At the end of the 1980s, Belgium's Raksha Mancham had begun withThe Dance Of The Judgment Of The Dead (1987)an exploration of the cultures (and politics) of the Far East that eventuallyled to their magnum opus Phydair (1992).The Gypsy Kings invented a Mediterranean version of world-music withAllegria (1990).More adventurous folk and world-music could be found onMlah (1990), by the French acoustic mini-orchestra Les Negresses VertesandThe Rhythm Of The Ritual (1994), by Belgium's Hybryds.The grotesque steel band Les Tambours Du Bronx were the European Crash Worship, as documented on Monostress 225L (1992).Mano Negra's frontman Manu Chao perfected French world-music and found a broader audience with Clandestino(1998). During the grunge era, FFF coined an original funk-metal style with Blast Culture(1991), that mixed Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic and Living Color. Philippe Katerine's lo-fi pop, first presented onL'Education Anglais (1994),was one of the few innovations coming from the schoo...

    • 1 – L’Impératrice
    • 2 – Terrenoire
    • 3 – Fauve
    • 4 – The Pirouettes
    • 5 – Granville
    • 6 – Rendez-Vous
    • 7 – Phoenix
    • 8 – Feu! Chatterton
    • 9 – Cocoon
    • 10 – La Femme

    I wrote about this French band in this article 10 French Music Artists that you Need to Listen to Now. I would describe their style as electro-pop. The group is composed of six French artists with the singer leader, Flore Benguigui.

    New French band that might become big in the next years. This group is composed of two brothers from Saint-Étienne singing in French about love and society problems. The name of the band comes from the name of one of the districts in Saint-Étienne named Terrenoire. I’ve been to one of their concerts, and they remind me of the artist Stromae because they are acting during their performance.

    French band singing in French about life with deep sadness. This Parisian French group was created in 2010 and it is composed of five members. Those artists are definitely atypical in the French music scene. They are kind of depressed even though in live concerts they are full of energy.

    The Pirouettes is a French band singing in French from Annecy founded in 2011. It is composed of Leo Bear Creek and Vickie Chérie. They meet in High School and decided to start a group. In the beginning, the main reason for this project was to see each other since they fell in love. When they moved to Paris, the project moved to a faster pace, and they started to sing in French. They released their first single in 2012 the second one in 2014 after releasing their first album “Carrément Carrément” in 2016.

    Granville is a French indie rock band singing in French. The goal of the project for the band is to create a French pop influence group from the 60s. Their first album “Les Voiles” in 2013, allowed them to get famous to the general public.

    New French bands that I can classify in the category post-punk in alternative rock. They sing in English with a lot of dark energy. This group is composed of five French musicians.

    French rock band singing in English composed of three musicians that meet in High School in Versailles. They managed to become “famous” abroad and especially in the USA. They were nominated twice at the Grammy Awards and won in 2010 the Best Alternative Album. They participated in many festivals around the world from Coachella (USA), Les Vieilles Charrues (FR) to Summer Sonic (JPN). They sold out the Madison Square Garden in New York.

    This is a French rock band founded in 2011, in Paris. They sing in French with beautiful lyrics. The name of the group is the juxtaposition of the expression Feu! (Fire meaning “Let’s go”) and Chatterton, in tribute to the poet Thomas Chatterton.

    This is a French pop band singing in English composed of two artists, the founder Mark Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud.

    I am a big fan of this French pop band. They released their debut album “Psycho Tropical Berlin” on 8 April 2013 and won the “Victoire de la Musique” of Best Album of a newcomer award of the year 2014. I wrote about them if you want to learn more: 5 French Pop Music Artists to Follow Now.

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