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  1. Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

  2. Gab (social network) Gab is an American alt-tech microblogging and social networking service known for its far-right userbase.

    • 100,000 (estimated active), 4 million (total) as of March 2021[update]
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    The site is a favorite of, and primarily attracts, far-right or alt-right users who have been banned or suspended from other services, including former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and formerly anonymous Twitter user Douglass Mackey (pseudonym "Ricky Vaughn"); white supremacists such as Richard B. Spencer, Tila Tequila, Christopher Cantwell, and Vox Day; and far-right political parties including Britain First. Andrew Torba, the CEO of, was himself removed from the Y Combinator al...

    Antisemitism and violence

    Rita Katz, a researcher and analyst of terrorism and extremism, wrote on Politico that Robert Bowers' extreme antisemitic postings are "anything but an anomaly" on the website, and "[they highlight] concerns about its growing facilitation of white nationalism and other far-right movements." Gab user profiles often contain Nazi symbolism, and Stormfront users have praised the site as a place to post antisemitic content. Katz found that many Gab users were celebrating immediately after Bowers'...

    2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

    Robert Gregory Bowers, the sole suspected shooter in the attack against a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018, maintained an active, verified Gab account where he displayed the neo-Nazi code-phrase 1488. Just prior to the shooting, he used this account to post "HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in." In the aftermath of the shooting, Gab removed his profile and provided the information to the FBI. On...

    Gab has been described as "Twitter for racists" by Salon, a "hate-filled echo chamber of racism and conspiracy theories" by The Guardian, an "online cesspool of anti-Semitism" by Politico, a "safe haven for banned Twitter trolls, Gamergaters, Pizzagaters and high-profile white nationalists" by Mic, and "the far-right’s favorite social network" by T...

    Gab does not use advertising. The site began offering a premium subscription service for Gab named "GabPro" in mid-March 2017. The subscription allowed users to have private chats for up to 25 people; private chat with a maximum of two users was later added for all users, and the Gab Pro limit was increased to 50. Private messages are deleted after...

    Gab's color theme is a minimalist combination of black text on white panels with pink hashtags and usernames. Pro users have a contrasted top bar in dark blue. The interface displays messages in a Twitter-like vertically-scrolling timeline with an option to upvote or downvote each post. The site also aggregates popular posts and trending topic hash...

  3. Aug 18, 2021 · The Gab social network, created by former advertising web developer Andrew Torba in 2016, is a perfect example of one such ‘parallel community’ that has been formed by a man who has accurately predicted the end result of the divisions in America society, for quite some time.

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  5. Jan 17, 2021 · Gab, an alternative social media network popular with conservatives, the alt-right and some extremists, is surging in popularity after conservative social network Parler was effectively taken off...

  6. May 27, 2020 · Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. Gab Social is a fresh take on one of the Internet's most popular applications: social networking. Political speech protected by the First Amendment is welcome on this instance.