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    Galerius Valerius Maximianus [j] ( / ɡəˈlɛəriəs /; Greek: Γαλέριος; c. 258 – May 311) was Roman emperor from 305 to 311. During his reign he campaigned, aided by Diocletian, against the Sasanian Empire, sacking their capital Ctesiphon in 299.

  2. Galerius (born, near Serdica, Thrace [now Sofia, Bulg.]—died 311) was a Roman emperor from 305 to 311, notorious for his persecution of Christians. Galerius was born of humble parentage and had a distinguished military career. On March 1, 293, he was nominated as caesar by the emperor Diocletian, who governed the Eastern part of the empire.

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  3. Galerius, Emperor of Rome. The emperor Galerius (c. 250-311 A.D.) ruled over a disintegrating Roman Empire in the years just prior to its conversion to Christianity. The six-year period of his reign, from 305 to 311, marked the last official persecution of Christians in the Roman world. In the work De Mortibus Persecutorum (Of the Manner in ...

  4. Sep 28, 2020 · Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus(AD ca. 250 – AD 311) Galerius was born in about AD 250 in a little Danubian village near Florentiana in Upper Moesia. His father was a simple peasant and his mother, called Romula, came from beyond the Danube. At first it appears he worked as a herdsman, before joining the army.

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  6. emperor galerius 4 War Against Persians. In AD 296, Diocletian called his Caesar to the east to help deal with the Persians. Diocletian being occupied with the rebellion of Lucius Domitius Domitianus and his successor Aurelius Achilleus in Egypt, the Persian king Narses had seized the opportunity to invade Syria.

  7. Search for: 'Galerius' in Oxford Reference ». Of peasant stock, was born in the ad 250s on the Danube. A herdsman, tough and uneducated, he rose high in the army and (perhaps) became praetorian prefect of Diocletian, to whom his loyalty was unswerving. On the establishment of the tetrarchy Diocletian proclaimed him Caesar (293); he divorced ...

  8. Sep 29, 1996 · Galerius (305-311 A.D.) Michael DiMaio, Jr. Salve Regina University. Caius Galerius Valerius Maximianus, more commonly known as Galerius, was from Illyricum; his father, whose name is unknown, was of peasant stock, while his mother, Romula, was from beyond the Danube. Galerius was born in Dacia Ripensis near Sardica.

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