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  1. What is the Gaza Strip? | Fox News › world › what-is-the-gaza-strip

    Feb 06, 2020 · The Gaza Strip is a 140-square-mile piece of land occupied by Palestinians bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Israel. The area has been a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian ...

  2. Occupation of the Gaza Strip by the United Arab Republic ... › wiki › Occupation_of_the_Gaza

    The Gaza Strip is an indivisible part of the land of Palestine and its people are part of the Arab Nation. The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip shall form a National Union composed of all Palestinians wherever they may be - its aim being the joint work to recover the usurped lands of Palestine, and the participation in fulfilling the call of Arab ...

  3. Gaza - Wikipedia › wiki › Gaza

    Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea Gaza City, a city in the Gaza Strip; Gaza Governorate, a governorate in the Gaza Strip; Lebanon. Ghazzeh, a village in the Western Beqaa District; United States. Gaza, Iowa, an unincorporated community; Gaza, a village in the town of Sanbornton, New Hampshire

  4. Working in the Gaza Strip | UNRWA › careers › duty-stations-gaza

    The Gaza Strip takes its name from Gaza, its main city. The territory has about 1.4 million Palestinian residents. Location and geography. The Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Egypt at the south-west and Israel to the north and east.

  5. Hamas's Sinwar: We have 500 km of tunnels in Gaza, only 5% ... › breaking-news › hamass-sinwar-we

    May 27, 2021 · Gaza’s Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed on Wednesday that Hamas has 500 km. of tunnels in the Gaza Strip and that only five percent of the tunnels had been damaged in recent clashes. In his ...

  6. Gaza: The History That Fuels the Conflict - HISTORY › news › gaza-conflict-history

    May 30, 2018 · The Gaza Strip, the 140-square mile stretch of land located along the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Israel, has endured decades of protest, military operations and violence as Israel and ...

  7. How Gaza was shackled and reduced to ‘Gaza Strip › magazine › how-gaza-was-shackled

    May 18, 2021 · But now, after decades of brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine, Gaza has become the Gaza Strip, an enclave under siege, one of the world’s most impoverished places. It is the world’s third most densely populated city as more than two million Palestinians have been forced to live in an area of 362 square kilometres.

  8. May 14, 2021 · Israeli bombardment on Gaza has killed 69 Palestinians, including 17 children and seven women. At least 388 others have been injured, Palestinian health officials said. More than 2,160 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians, and some 11,000 injured in an Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip in 2014.

  9. IDF Arabic spokesman shows pictures of Gaza before and after ... › israel-news › idf-arabic-spokesman

    May 19, 2021 · The IDF's Arabic-language Facebook page published a post on Saturday with photos of Gaza before and after Hamas took administrative control of the Strip in 2007.

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