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  1. General Motors - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · General Motors paid compensation for 124 deaths linked to the faulty switches. The $35 million fine was the maximum the regulator could impose. General Motors are also facing 79 customer lawsuits asking for as much as $10 billion for economic losses attributed to the recall.

    • September 16, 1908; 112 years ago (original company), July 10, 2009; 11 years ago (present company)
    • Automotive
  2. General Motors – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    3 days ago · A General Motors do Canadá, 100% controlada pela GM, [11] recebeu a garantia de um empréstimo de C$3 bilhões dos governos do Canadá e da província de Ontario. [ 7 ] Ainda no mês de abril, em meio aos problemas financeiros e esforços de reestruturação, a GM anunciou que iria extinguir a marca Pontiac até o fim de 2010, e concentrar-se ...

  3. General Motors Chapter 11 reorganization - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Earlier restructuring efforts
    • Chapter 11 protection
    • Motors Liquidation Company
    • New General Motors

    The 2009 General Motors Chapter 11 sale of the assets of automobile manufacturer General Motors and some of its subsidiaries was implemented through Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code in the United States bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York. The United States government-endorsed sale enabled the NGMCO Inc. to purchase the continuing operational assets of the old GM. Normal operations, including employee compensation, warranties, and other customer service were uninterrup

    Efforts to sell General Motors' European operations ran into difficulties, as the corporation was expected to file for bankruptcy protection by June 1, 2009. United States government officials suggested that, if they were satisfied with the company's plans to restructure, the U.S. government would take at least a 50% equity stake and reserve the right to name board members. On May 31, 2009, news broke that the U.S. would initially likely become the largest shareholder of the reorganized GM follo

    On the morning of June 1, 2009, Chevrolet-Saturn of Harlem, a dealership in Manhattan that is owned by GM itself, filed for bankruptcy protection there, followed in the same court by General Motors Corporation, GM's subsidiary Saturn LLC, and Saturn LLC's subsidiary Saturn Distri

    The General Motors Chapter 11 filing formally was entitled "In re General Motors Corp.", and was case number 09-50026 in the Southern District, Manhattan, New York. General Motors was represented by the New York specialist law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges. The United States Treasu

    General Motors auctioned off its assets in a section 363 sale. Because the price of these assets were very high, there was only one bidder in the auction, NGMCO Inc.. This company was formed by the United States government with a 60.8% stake, the federal government of Canada and

    General Motors Corporation, upon sale of its major assets, trademarks and intellectual property on July 10, 2009, pursuant to the provisions of section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code, was renamed as Motors Liquidation Company. It continued its bankruptcy court proceedings, exiting bankruptcy and splitting into four trusts. Motors Liquidation Company announced on July 10, 2009, in relation to its equity and debt investors: Management continues to remind investors of its strong belief that there will

    The new General Motors is named General Motors Company LLC which is separate and independent from the old corporation. The new company retains four of its major brands: Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and Buick. Also the company is planning to keep 3600 out of 6000 of its US dealerships. Lastly, the company is shutting down 14 of its US plants, which will eliminate 20,000 of its 80,000 current employees. The General Motors Company is now a smaller, restructured version of the former General Motors Cor

  4. General Motors 90° V6 engine - Wikipedia°_V6_engine

    Nov 23, 2020 · The Chevrolet 90° V6 family of V6 engines began in 1978 with the Chevrolet 200 cu in (3.3 L) as the base engine for the all new 1978 Chevrolet Malibu.The original engine family was phased out in early 2014, with its final use as the 4.3 L (262 cu in) V6 engine used in Chevrolet and GMC trucks and vans.

    • 200 cu in (3.3 L), 229 cu in (3.8 L), 262 cu in (4.3 L)
    • 90° V6
  5. General Motors Air Transport - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The General Motors Air Transport Section (GMATS) was a corporate air service operated by General Motors to provide fast transportation for employees that needed to travel between various GM locations. Originally named the "Air Transport Section of General Motors Corporation", it colloquially became known as the General Motors Air Transport Section.

  6. General Motors 60° V6 engine - Wikipedia°_V6_engine

    Nov 23, 2020 · The General Motors 60° V6 engine family was a series of 60° V6 engines which were produced for both longitudinal and transverse applications. All of these engines are 12-valve cam-in-block or overhead valve engines, except for the LQ1; which uses 24 valves driven by dual overhead cams.

    • X engine
    • 1980—2005 (US), 1980—2010 (China)
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  8. General Motors LS-based small-block engine - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small-block V-8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V-8s.

  9. Holden - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · During 1998, General Motors-Holden's Ltd name was shortened to "Holden Ltd". [116] On 26 April 1990, GM's New Zealand subsidiary Holden New Zealand announced that production at the assembly plant based in Trentham would be phased out and vehicles would be imported duty-free—this came after the 1984 closure of the Petone assembly line due to ...

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    5 days ago · Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company y Nahuelito Gimenez; Statements. instance of. division. of. General Motors. start time. 1918. ... Wikipedia (69 entries ...

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