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  1. Historia regum Britanniae ( The History of the Kings of Britain ), originally called De gestis Britonum ( On the Deeds of the Britons ), is a pseudohistorical account of British history, written around 1136 by Geoffrey of Monmouth. It chronicles the lives of the kings of the Britons over the course of two thousand years, beginning with the ...

  2. Latin: Historia regum Britanniae, (Latin: “History of the Kings of Britain”) fictional history of Britain written by Geoffrey of Monmouth sometime between 1135 and 1139. The Historia regum Britanniae was one of the most popular books of the Middle Ages.

  3. Geoffrey describes the struggle and heartache of King Lier, whose tale would be retold by Shakespeare in his famous work of the same name, King Lear. Following Lier, Roman rule in Britain is fleshed out. Tyranny, regicide, power vacuums, and an increasingly begrudging Roman obligation to the island led to chaos.

  4. Geoffrey was most likely born in Monmouth in Southern Wales: he identifies himself as "of Monmouth" in all three of his published Arthurian works (HRB, PM, and VM). Michael Curley also points out Geoffrey's affinity for Wales as, at least once in his re-writing of Nennius into the HRB, he changes scenes to locations closer to the city of Monmouth.

  5. Jul 13, 2012 · Geoffrey died somewhere around December 1155, already acknowledged as a major historian but, in reality, one of the greatest legend makers Wales and Britain had ever seen.

  6. Geoffrey, surnamed of Monmouth, is celebrated in English literature as the author, or at least the translator, of Historia Britonum, a work from which nearly all our great vernacular poets have drawn the materials for some of their noblest works of fiction and characters of romance. He lived in the early part of the twelfth century, and in the ...

  7. Feb 15, 2024 · Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britanniae ( c. 1138, henceforth Historia) is not an obvious place to look for historiographical varietas, for several reasons.

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