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  1. George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950), known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. His influence on western theatre, culture and politics extended from the 1880s to his death and beyond. He wrote more than sixty plays, including major works such as Man and Superman (1902), Pygmalion (1913) and Saint Joan (1923).

  2. Jan 6, 2023 · George Bernard Shaw, (born July 26, 1856, Dublin, Ireland—died November 2, 1950, Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England), Irish comic dramatist, literary critic, and socialist propagandist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.

  3. Apr 2, 2014 · George Bernard Shaw was born July 26, 1856, in Dublin, Ireland. In 1876 he moved to London, where he wrote regularly but struggled financially. In 1895, he became a theater critic for the Saturday...

  4. George Bernard Shaw, the commentator and theatre critic, became an author to illustrate his criticisms of contemporary British theater. He made his debut with Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant (1898) and asserted that art should be didactic and discuss social issues. Shaw’s plays are characterized by satire, provocation and allegories.

  5. Feb 26, 2018 · Updated on February 26, 2018. George Bernard Shaw is a model to all struggling writers. Throughout his 30s, he wrote five novels – all of them failed. Yet, he did not let that deter him. It was not until 1894, at the age of 38, that his dramatic work made its professional debut.

  6. George Bernard Shaw, (born July 26, 1856, Dublin, Ire.—died Nov. 2, 1950, Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, Eng.), Irish playwright and critic. After moving to London in 1876, he worked for years as a music and art critic, wrote book and theatre reviews, and was an active member of the socialist Fabian Society.

  7. George Bernard Shaw was born on July 26 1856 in Dublin Ireland the son of a civil servant. Although he was best known for drama, he was also proficient in the areas of journalism, music and literary criticism. He began his literary career as a novelist. Shaw’s works concerned themselves mostly with prevailing social problems, specifically with what he saw as the exploitation of the working middle class.

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