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  1. George I of Münsterberg - Wikipediaünsterberg

    George I of Münsterberg (also: George I of Poděbrady; German: Georg I. von Münsterberg-Oels or Georg I. von Podiebrad; Czech: Jiří z Minstrberka or Jiří z Poděbrad; 2 October 1470, Litice Castle – 10 November 1502, Oleśnica) was a member of the House of Poděbrady and a Duke of the Silesian Duchies of Münsterberg and Oels and Count of Glatz .

    • Hedwig of Sagan
    • 10 November 1502 (aged 32), Oleśnica
  2. Henry I, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    At the same time, the Emperor confirmed the appointment by King George in 1459 of Victor, Henry the Elder and Henry the Younger as dukes of Münsterberg and counts of Kladsko. After their father also acquired the Duchy of Opava in 1464, he gave this duchy in 1465 to his sons Henry the Elder, Victor and Henry the Younger.

  3. Charles I, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    His brothers George and Albert died in 1502 and 1511. So Charles inherited the country and ruled alone as Duke of Münsterberg and Oels. Although Charles and his brothers had sold the county of Kladsko in 1501 to their future brother in law Ulrich of Hardegg , they and their descendants continue to use the title of Counts of Kladsko, until the House of Münsterberg died out in the male line 1647.

  4. George II, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Munster...

    He was the twelfth and youngest child of Duke Charles I of Münsterberg-Oels and Anna of Sagan, (1480/83-1541), daughter of Duke John II "the Mad" of Żagań. George was married with Elizabeth Kostka of Postupitz ( Czech : Eliška Kostková z Postupic ).

    • Elizabeth Kostka of Postupitz
    • 13 January 1553 (aged 40), Oleśnica
  5. George of Münsterberg-Oels (1587-1587) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Born in 31 Aug 1587 and died in 14 Nov 1587 Oleśnica, Dolnośląskie George of Münsterberg-Oels

  6. Henry I, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels | Military Wiki | Fandom,_Duke_of...

    Henry the Elder of Münsterberg (also called Henry I of Münsterberg, Henry I of Oels; Czech language: Jindřich starší z Minstrberka or Jindřich starší z Poděbrad; German language: Heinrich der Ältere von Münsterberg or Heinrich I. von Oels; 1448 – 1498, Kłodzko) was an Imperial Count and Count of Kladsko. He was also Duke of Silesian duchies Münsterberg and Oels and 1465–1472 ...

  7. George, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach - Wikipedia,_Margrave_of...

    George's second wife was Hedwig of Münsterberg-Oels (1508–1531), daughter of Charles I of Münsterberg-Oels; their marriage produced two daughters: Anna Maria of Brandenburg-Ansbach (December 28, 1526 – May 20, 1589) who married Christoph, Duke of Württemberg in 1544.

  8. Margaret of Münsterberg - Wikipediaünsterberg

    Margaret of Münsterberg (25 August 1473, Breslau – 28 June 1530, Dessau) was a German regent: Duchess of Anhalt by marriage to Prince Ernest I, she ruled the principality as a regent for her underage sons from 1516.

  9. Heinrich I. von Münsterberg-Öls (1448-1498) | Familypedia ...

    Biography Heinrich I. von Münsterberg-Öls, Duke of Münsterberg, Duke of Öls, Duke of Opava, was born 15 May 1448 to George of Poděbrady (1420-1471) and Kunigunde of Sternberg (1425-1449) and died 24 June 1498 of unspecified causes. He married Ursula von Brandenburg (1450-1508) 9 February 1467 JL.

  10. Duchy of Münsterberg - Wikipediaünsterberg

    George of Münsterberg-Oels Bolko's son, Nicholas the Small , was Duke of Münsterberg until 1358. In the year of his father's death, he paid homage to Bohemian King John of Luxembourg and his son Charles .

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