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      • Gerhard IV (c. 1277 – 1323), was Count of Holstein-Plön from 1312 until his death.,_Count_of_Holstein-Pl%C3%B6n#:~:text=Gerhard%20IV%20%28c.%201277%20%E2%80%93%201323%29%2C%20was,Count%20of%20Holstein-Pl%C3%B6n%20from%201312%20until%20his%20death.
  1. Gerhard IV, Count of Holstein-Plön - Wikipedia,_Count_of...

    Gerhard IV (c. 1277 – 1323), was Count of Holstein-Plön from 1312 until his death.

    • c. 1277
    • Anastasia of Schwerin
  2. Gerhard IV von Holstein-Ploen (1276 - 1323) - Genealogy

    Jan 22, 2019 · Gerhard IV Count Of HOLSTEIN Gerhard IV Count Of was born about 1277 in Of, Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia. Gerhard IV Count Of's father was Gerhard II Count Of HOLSTEIN and his mother was Ingeborg VALDEMARSDOTTER (FOLKUNGA) PRINCES OF SWEDEN. His paternal grandparents were Gerhard I Count Of HOLSTEIN and Elisabeth Princess Of MECKLENBURG.

  3. Gerhard IV. von Holstein-Plön (c1277-c1323) | Familypedia ...

    Gerhard IV. von Holstein-Plön, Graf von Holstein-Plön, was born circa1277 to Gerhard II. von Holstein-Plön (1254-1312) and Ingeborg of Sweden (c1261-c1290) and died circa1323 of unspecified causes. He married Anastasia von Wittenberg (c1291-aft1315) 1313 JL . Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne...

    • 1323
    • Anastasia von Wittenberg (c1291-aft1315)
    • 8DK1-M8
    • Graf von Holstein-Plön
  4. Ingeborg of Brunswick, Father: Gerhard IV Count of Holstein ...

    Father: Gerhard IV Count of Holstein-Plön; Mother: Anastasia of Wittenberg; Partner: Conrad I Count of Oldenburg Child: Conrad II Count of Oldenburg * Child: Christian V Count of Oldenburg Born: About 1342 ⇒ * Our genealogical research indicates that this person is an ancestor of Janet.

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    Gerhard IV, Count of Holstein-Plön ... Media in category "Gerhard IV of Holstein (-Plön)" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. Seal Gerhard IV.

    • 1277 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), Holstein-Plön
    • Holstein-Plön
    • 1323 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
    • count
  6. Holstein-Plön - Wikipediaön

    Following the death of Gerhard II his sons, Gerhard IV of Holstein-Plön and his younger half-brother John III, ruled jointly over Holstein-Plön. In 1314 Gerhard IV sold his lands to John III, who thus became the sole Count of Holstein-Plön. John III conquered Holstein-Kiel with Gerhard III of Holstein-Rendsburg. Holstein-Plön reverted to Holstein-Kiel in 1350 upon the death of 27-year-old Gerhard V without issue.

  7. Gerhard Van Holstein - Historical records and family trees ... holstein

    Gerhard IV, Count of Holstein-Plön in Biographical Summaries of Notable People Gerhard IV, Count of Holstein-Plön was born in 1277, to Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön and Ingeborg of Sweden (1263–1292). Gerhard passed away in 1323, at age 46. Gerhard III van Holstein, 1293 - 1340

  8. Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein - Wikipedia

    Gerhard IV continued ruling Holstein-Plön as sole count. After the death of John III's nephew Gerhard V, Count of Holstein-Plön in 1350, who had succeeded Gerhard IV, the Plön line became extinct and John III re-inherited their possessions.

    13 November 1130
    13 November 1130
    6 July 1164
    6 July 1164
  9. Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön - Wikipedia,_Count_of...
    • Overview
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    Gerhard II of Holstein-Plön, nicknamed the Blind, was Count of Holstein-Plön from 1290 to 1312.

    He was the second son of Gerhard I, Count of Holstein-Itzehoe and Elisabeth of Mecklenburg. After his father's death in 1290, the county was divided among the surviving sons. Gerhard II received Holstein-Plön; his younger brother Adolph VI received Holstein-Schauenburg and Henry received Holstein-Rendsburg.

    The seal reads 1. S(IGILLUM)*GERARDI*COMITIS*HOLTSACIE*ET*IN*SCHOWENBURCH 2. "Seal of Count Gerhard of Hostein and Schauenburg"

    He married on 12 December 1275 the Swedish Princess Ingeborg, a daughter of King Valdemar of Sweden. They had four children

  10. John III, Count of Holstein-Plön - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Holstein...

    In 1312 John and his paternal half-brother Gerhard IV succeeded their father as co-ruling counts of Holstein-Plön. In 1316 John III inherited Holstein-Kiel from his father's cousin John II the One-Eyed and thus left Holstein-Plön for his brother Gerhard IV as sole ruler.