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  1. Mar 22, 2023 · The film follows a soft and charming Evans' Cole as he chases de Armas' Sadie across the world in the pursuit of love, only to find out she's a government agent. Ghosted appears like a massive hit of nostalgia wrapped up in a popular pairing, reminiscent of Knight and Day or Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

  2. Mar 20, 2023 · Drawing some loose inspiration from the 1984 classic Romancing the Stone starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, Ghosted tells the story of Cole (Chris Evans) and Sadie (Ana de Armas), who ...

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    • 1. act as ghostwriter of (a work): "his memoirs were smoothly ghosted by a journalist"
    • 2. glide smoothly and effortlessly: "they ghosted up the river"
  4. 6 hours ago · If you do want to reach out to get some clarity, your first step after you’ve been ghosted, or suspect you’ve been ghosted, is to reach out to whoever your point of contact was. After that, you...

  5. Mar 20, 2023 · The new Chris Evans movie Ghosted will be available to watch on April 21 on AppleTV+, and it could make up for the many wasted opportunities of The Gray Man. The Gray Man was one of Netflix's 2022 tentpole movies, with a star-studded cast including Evans, Ana de Armas, and Ryan Gosling, and a huge budget of $200 million.

  6. Mar 20, 2023 · Ghosted puts a spin on the traditional romantic comedy with a spy-themed plot, all while ensuring to serve up a barrel of laughs. The movie comes from Deadpool screenwriters Paul Wernick and...

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