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  1. The Most Captivating Foreign Films to Watch on Netflix This ... › lifestyle › most-captivating-foreign

    1 day ago · If ghosts and jump scares aren't your thing, skip this one. ... The movie's fight scenes feature gravity-defying, exquisite choreography. Warning: Do not try them at home. ... but the family can't ...

  2. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark — Mediaversity Reviews › film-reviews › 2021

    1 day ago · “Not ghosts but human beings,” reads one of the slogans for International Albinism Awareness Day—an effort to dispel the longstanding belief that people with albinism are ghosts or have magical powers. So it’s ironic in the most terrible sense that the sole person with albinism in this tale shows up as a ghost with magical powers.

  3. Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture - Wikipedia › wiki › Golden_Raspberry_Award_for

    6 hours ago · The Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture is an award given out at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards to the worst film of the past year. Over the 39 ceremonies that have taken place, there have been 202 films nominated for Worst Picture and 42 winners including three ties.

    • Worst feature film
    • Cats (2019)
  4. 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' Trailer, Premiere ... › 2021/04/22 › the-conjuring-the-devil

    1 day ago · It became known as the “Devil Made Me Do It” case, and it’s served as the source material for an episode of Discovery Channel’s anthology series A Haunting, as well as a TV movie.

  5. Palm Springs wins Spirit Award – Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring ... › 2021/04/23 › palm-springs-wins

    Today · Palm Springs was the only genre recipient of one of the 2021 Independent Spirit Awards, given in a virtual ceremony on April 22. Andy Siara won Best First Screenplay for the time loop movie. Spirit…

  6. 1 day ago · Nor do these stories provide enough escapism, despite the ways both engage in realms of the supernatural: the former immersed in ghosts, the latter in an alternate reality of a never-ending loop ...

  7. DiscoverNet | The Scariest Movie Moments From Non-Horror Films › 2021/04/22 › the-scariest-movie

    1 day ago · But when you’re watching a drama, a superhero movie, or a sci-fi flick, you’re not prepared for something terrifying to come on-screen. Perhaps it’s a shocking death, an out-of-nowhere plot twist, or a slow build of suspense you just can’t bear to watch, but whatever the scene, you totally weren’t ready for something so scary in a non ...

  8. The Outer Banks Voice - Stream On: Whistling past the ... › 2021/04/22 › stream-on

    1 day ago · Nice-guy Tony can’t forgive the universe for his wife’s premature death and vows revenge on it—in some very funny ways. ... drinking and ghosts. ... but Internet Movie Database users have ...

  9. Why Did My Subconscious Mind Do This To Me? AKA High School ... › 2021/04/22 › why-did-my

    1 day ago · It was the wee hours on a recent cabin trip. And for reasons I still do not understand, my brain tried to make me remember the last name of a cheerleader from my high school. She was a person I never spoke to, and she never spoke to me. And she is someone I have never thought of…until a night a couple of weeks ago.

  10. 14 best TV shows to watch on HBO Max - CNET › news › 14-best-tv-shows-to-watch-on

    1 day ago · If you're on the look out for purely light-hearted viewing, Ghosts delivers a high gag rate, a talented comedic ensemble and even an endearing arc of friendship. Most of all, it's gleefully silly.

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