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    Gian Maria Visconti (or Giovanni Maria; 7 September 1388 – 16 May 1412) was the second Visconti Duke of Milan, the son of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and Caterina Visconti.

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    Gian Maria Visconti (7 September 1388-16 May 1412) was the Duke of Milan from 1402 to 1412, succeeding Gian Galeazzo Visconti and preceding Filippo Maria Visconti. Gian Maria Visconti was the eldest son of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and Caterina Visconti, the rulers of Milan. However, he inherited a disintegrating duchy that soon fell into the hands of many rulers such as the condotierro Facino ...

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    Gian Maria Visconti (or Giovanni Maria ; 7 September 1388 – 16 May 1412) was the second Visconti Duke of Milan, the son of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and Caterina Visconti.

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    Gian Galeazzo Visconti (16 October 1351 – 3 September 1402), was the first Duke of Milan (1395) and ruled the late-medieval city just before the dawn of the Renaissance. He was the founding patron of the Certosa di Pavia , completing the Visconti Castle at Pavia begun by his father and furthering work on the Duomo of Milan .

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    Gian Galeazzo Visconti (16 October 1351-3 September 1402) was the Lord of Milan from 1378 to 1395 and its first duke from 1395 to 1402. He succeeded Galeazzo II of Milan and preceded Gian Maria Visconti. Gian Galeazzo Visconti was the son of Galeazzo II of Milan and Bianca of Savoy, born in 1351. Through his mother, he was descended from Andronicus II of Byzantium and the House of Palaiologos ...

  6. Gian Maria Visconti, duca di Milano : melodramma comi-tragico in un prologo e tre atti Contributor Names Vicini, Luigi -- 1839-1882 (composer)

  7. Giangaleazzo (or Gian Galeazzo) Visconti, Duke of Milan ...

    from his second marriage to Caterina Visconti: his son Giovanni Maria the Cruel, born on 9. September 1388, Duke of Milan 1402-1412, since 1408 married to Antonia Malatesta; he was fatally stabbed on 16. May 1412 – his cruelty and his bloodthirstyness exceeded everything the House of Visconti had experienced so far

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    At his death in 1402, the Visconti were dukes of Milan and counts of Pavia, and the family controlled most of northern Italy (see Visconti, Gian Galeazzo). His rule was followed by the catastrophic reign of his elder son, Giovanni Maria (1388–1412), under whom Gian Galeazzo’s conquests were lost and many Lombard cities reverted to local lords. Described by contemporaries as incompetent and morbidly cruel, perhaps insane, Giovanni Maria was assassinated by conspirators in 1412.

  9. Gian married Caterina Visconti, 1°duca di Milano on month day 1380, at age 29 at marriage place. Caterina was born in 1361, in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. They had 2 sons: Filippo Maria Visconti last duke of Milan and one other child .

  10. Biography of Filippo Maria Visconti of Milan (1392-1447)

    Within the notorious Visconti family, the brothers Giovanni Maria (1388-1412) and Filippo Maria Visconti(1392-1447) stood out for their cruelty. Giovanni Maria didn’t interfere in state affairs, as long as he could let his ferocious dogs take care of criminals. His fits of temper often resulted in mass executions.