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    Giovanni Borgia (March 1498 – 1548), known as the Infans Romanus ("the Roman child"), was born into the House of Borgia in secret and is of unclear parentage. Speculations of the child's parentage involve either Lucrezia Borgia with her alleged lover, Perotto Calderon or Cesare Borgia, or Pope Alexander VI as his father.

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    Gio­vanni Borgia (March 1498 – 1548), known as the In­fans Romanus ("the Roman child"), was born into the House of Bor­gia in se­cret and is of un­clear parent­age.

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    Giovanni Borgia (Infans Romanus) Giovanni Borgia (March 1498 – 1548), the Infans Romanus ("the child of Rome"), was alleged by Borgia enemies to be the child of Lucrezia Borgia, but was likely an illegitimate son of the Pope himself.

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    Giovanni Borgia (span. Juan de Borja, * März 1498; † 1547 oder 1548), genannt Infans Romanus, von 1501/1502 bis 1503 Herzog von Camerino, Nepi und Palestrina, war ein Mitglied der Familie Borgia, höchstwahrscheinlich ein unehelicher Sohn Papst Alexander VI. (Rodrigo Borgia), der ihn in einer geheimen päpstlichen Bulle vom 1.

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    Giovanni Borgia, 2nd Duke of Gandía was the son of Pope Alexander VI and a member of the House of Borgia. He was murdered in 1497. He was the brother of Cesare, Gioffre, and Lucrezia Borgia. Giovanni, commonly known as Juan, is believed to be the eldest of the Pope's four children by Vannozza dei Cattanei, but this is disputed. Due to the contents of a number of papal bulls issued after his murder, it is unclear whether Giovanni was born in 1474 or 1476.

    Giovanni Borgia was probably born in Rome to then-cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, and his mistress, Vannozza dei Cattanei, who was married to Domenico da Rignano. Giovanni married Maria Enriquez de Luna, the Spanish betrothed of his deceased older half-brother, Pedro Luis, in September 1493. He was made 2nd Duke of Gandía, Duke of Sessa, Grand Constable of Naples, Governor of St. Peter's, and Gonfalonier and Captain General of the Church.

    Borgia was murdered on the night of 14 June 1497 near what later became the Piazza della Giudecca in the ghetto of Rome. Giovanni was last seen alive when he was leaving a feast that his mother had in his honour at her villa with his other siblings Cesare, Lucrezia, and Gioffre; Gioffre's wife Sancha of Aragon, their cousin Juan Borgia Lanzol, and Vannozza's husband, Carlo Canale, were all in attendance. The next morning his horse came back without its rider and with one of the stirrups cut. He

    In most adaptations, he is referred to by his Spanish name, Juan. In Alexandre Dumas' Celebrated Crimes, he is referred to as Francesco. In Mario Puzo's historical novel The Family, Giovanni Borgia's murder by his younger brother Geoffre is central to the drama and plot of the story. In the 2010 animated short film, Assassin's Creed: Ascendance, a fictionalised version of Juan's death is depicted at the hand of Cesare Borgia, who hires a prostitute to murder him. In the 2011 Showtime series, The

    • c. 1474, Italy
    • 1488–1497
    • 14 June 1497, Rome
    • Borgia
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    Giovanni Borgia (Spanish: Juan de Borja, * March 1498; † 1547 or 1548), called Infans Romanus, from 1501/1502 to 1503 Duke of Camerino, Nepi and Palestrina, was a member of the Borgia family, most likely an illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI. (Rodrigo Borgia), who recognized him as his son in a secret papal bull of September 1, 1501.

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    Giovanni Borgia, conosciuto come Infante Romano (Infans Romanus) (1498 – 1548), è stato un nobile italiano, figlio illegittimo appartenente alla famiglia Borgia.. La paternità e la maternità di Giovanni Borgia sono un mistero irrisolto che avvolge la famiglia valenciana.

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    Giovanni Borgia, connu sous le nom Infante Romano (infans Romanus) (1498 - 1548), Il a été un noble italien, fils illégitime appartenant à la famille borgia.. Paternité et maternité Giovanni Borgia est un mystère non résolu qui entoure la famille de Valence.

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    May 13, 2014 · Giovanni was called the infans Romanus. It means “child of Rome”. Child of Rome in God’s good grace. Except he was passed from guardian to guardian. There were two papal bulls—each attributed Giovanni to a different father. Neither made him Lucrezia’s.

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    Apr 14, 2021 · Daughter of the Spanish cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI, and his Roman mistress Vannozza Catanei, and sister of Cesare, Lucrezia is often accused of sharing in their many crimes and excesses.

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