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  1. Gottorf Castle is a castle and estate in the city of Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is one of the most important secular buildings in Schleswig-Holstein, and has been rebuilt and expanded several times in its over eight hundred years of history, changing from a medieval castle to a Renaissance fortress to a Baroque castle. It is the ancestral home of the Holstein-Gottorp branch of the House of Oldenburg, from which emerged in the 18th century, among other things, four Swedish kings a

  2. Gottorf Castle. About 1700 the castle underwent a major Baroque Style renovation, which was never completed. After the Great Northern War where the Duke of Holstein-Gottorf had taken side against Denmark, the Danish King Frederik IV took over the duchies and with them also Gottorf Castle. In the 19th century Gottorf Castle was used as a Danish barracks, and after 1864 it became a Prussian-German barracks.

  3. Mysterious bog bodies, the Nydam Boat from the Viking age and delightful art collections are amongst the rare exhibits and excessive riches on display at the two regional museums in the most spectacular castle in the north of Germany. Viewed from above, Gottorf Castle is designed in a "P" shape, with four irregular wings surrounding a courtyard. Over the centuries, what was originally a Renaissance fortress has been constantly renovated and extended to create the baroque palace we see before ...

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  5. Schleswig’s museum island offers an exciting excursion in Schleswig-Holstein’s history, spectacular archaeological treasures and works of art. The highlights include the castle itself, whose rooms now house the Gottorf Castle's Museum of Archaeology and the Gottorf Castle's Museum of Art and Cultural History. The Gottorf Globe, located close to the museum island, is no less worth seeing and is known as the first planetarium ever.

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    As the castle stands today on Schleswig’s museum island, it had several predecessor buildings which originally served guarding the narrow overland route. Burg Gottorf was first mentioned under Bischof Occo around 1160. It served as a residence and fortification for the bishops from nearby Schleswig.

    The House of Oldenburg had reigned in Denmark since 1448 and, in the 1460 von Ripen election, the Danish King Christian was elected as the Duke of Schleswig and Count of Holstein. This also gave him Gottorf. His kingdom extended from Schleswig and Holstein via the Danish heartland and some southern Swedish provinces up to Norway. Christian’s son Fr...

    Under Friedrichs successor Christian III., his half-brother Adolf I. (1526 - 1586) was bequeathed regions in Schleswig and Holstein when he came of age in 1544 and thus founded the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein Gottorf. Schloss Gottorf became the major place of residence and was eponymous for the Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf line. On New Year’s Eve 156...

    Under Duke Friedrich III. (1597 - 1656), Gottorf developed and became one the most significant royal courts of the era. The castle was viewed as one of the cultural centres in North Europe and the Giant Gottorf Globe, the Baroque garden and the art chamber’s and library’s rich collections remained renowned. Cultural exchange was supported and artis...

    In its heyday, the Gottorf royal household consisted of more than 400 people. At the end of the 17th century, however, the old renaissance castle was no longer representative enough for a discerning duke. Friedrich IV. was closely associated with the powerful Swedish Kingdom and wanted to emphasize his own position and rank with a contemporary pala...

    After the war of 1848, the Danes established firstly a military hospital and then barracks in the castle in order to enable more effective measures against the rebels in Schleswig-Holstein from there. The building was adapted to the new requirements and the interiors lost a lot of their formerly significant equipment. The former State rooms and duk...

    Although the building survived the period of the World Wars with no war-caused destruction, nonetheless the south and west wings were severely damaged during the course of a fire accident in 1917. Within the course of the Kapp revolt, the castle was occupied by rebels in 1920, ten people lost their lives during the course of subsequent struggles. A...

    In 1948, the first state government after the end of World War 2 declares Schleswig as the location for both State museums – today’s Museum of Art and Cultural History Schloss Gottorf and the Archaeological Museum Schloss Gottorf.

  6. overall planning management. Gottorf Castle in Schleswig is one of the most important buildings in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is a monument of national importance. The castle was built in about 1600, but has been rebuilt and extended several times. This transformed the medieval castle into a Renaissance fortress and then a Baroque castle. The castle is located on an island in the innermost corner of the Schlei.

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