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  1. Greater definition, designating a city or country and its adjacent area: Greater New York; Greater Los Angeles. See more.

  2. AboutTranscript. Greater than and less than symbols can be used to compare numbers and expressions. The greater than symbol is >. So, 9>7 is read as '9 is greater than 7'. The less than symbol is <. Two other comparison symbols are ≥ (greater than or equal to) and ≤ (less than or equal to). Created by Sal Khan.

  3. The symbol of less than is <. Let us take part in a short activity to understand the greater than and less than signs. Step 1: Create a mouth with your left and right hands, as shown below. Step 2: Observe one hand at a time. The right hand creates a greater-than sign while the left hand creates a less-than sign.

  4. Greater than symbol is used when we have to compare two values, in which one value is greater than another value. It is denoted by the symbol ‘>’. Examples are: 10>9, 10 is greater than 9 which is true. 7>1, 7 is greater than 1. 5>2, 5 is greater than 2.

  5. Examples of Greater than or Equal to. x ≥ 2. This example signifies that in the given relation, the value of x is more than 2 or equal to two. It cannot be less than two. Non Examples of Greater than or Equal to. For example, 4 ≥ 5. Here, the statement ”4 is greater than or equal to 5” is not true as 4 is not greater than 5 nor it is ...

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