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    1 day ago · Alabama is the 30th largest by area and the 24th-most populous of the U.S. states. With a total of 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of inland waterways, Alabama has among the most of any state. Alabama is nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, after the state bird. Alabama is also known as the "Heart of Dixie" and the "Cotton State".

    • 52,419 sq mi (135,765 km²)
    • 6 Republicans, 1 Democrat (list)
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  3. List of counties by U.S. state and territory - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_counties_by_U

    3 days ago · The following is a list of the 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the 50 states and District of Columbia sorted by U.S. state, plus an additional 100 county-equivalents in the U.S. territories sorted by territory.

  4. List of first women lawyers and judges in Alabama - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_first_women

    Apr 04, 2021 · Earlean Isaac: First African American female to become a Judge of the Greene County Probate Court in Alabama (1989) Houston County [ edit ] Lori Collier Ingram: [33] First female district court judge in Houston County, Alabama (2009)

  5. Alabama Highway Patrol - Wikipedia › wiki › Alabama_Highway_Patrol

    Apr 04, 2021 · The Alabama Highway Patrol is the de facto state police organization for the U.S. state of Alabama, and which has full jurisdiction anywhere in the State. The Alabama Highway Patrol was created in 1936. Since its establishment, 29 officers have died while on duty.

    • 1,268 (as of 2004)
    • 52,419 square miles (135,760 km²)
  6. Bess Bolden Walcott - Wikipedia › wiki › Bess_Bolden_Walcott

    6 days ago · Bess Bolden Walcott (1886-1988) was an American educator, librarian, museum curator and activist who helped establish the historical significance of the Tuskegee University. Recruited by Booker T. Washington to help him coordinate his library and teach science, she remained at the institute until 1962, but continued her service into the 1970s.

  7. 印第安大屠殺列表 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 印第安大屠殺列表

    5 days ago · Six settlers in Madison County, Indiana killed and robbed eight Seneca. One suspect escaped trial and another was a witness at subsequent trial. Of those charged with murder, one man was hanged January 12, 1825, and two were hanged June 2, 1825. The last defendant was pardoned at the last minute. Wikipedia Article 1826: Dressing Point Massacre

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    2 days ago · This research chronicles an impoverished rural Alabama county whose legislative and administrative decisions resulted in its fiscal stress and municipal bankruptcy. The Greene County bankruptcy case was closed in 1999 and the County continues to operate under a fiscal recovery plan.

  9. Contea di Bibb (Alabama) - Wikipedia › wiki › Contea_di_Bibb_(Alabama)

    1 day ago · Originariamente chiamata Cahaba County, per il fiume che la attraversa, la contea fu ribattezzata Bibb County nel 1820 in onore del primo governatore dell'Alabama, William Wyatt Bibb. Prima che i coloni si trasferissero nella zona, era popolato dai Creek , che vivevano lungo le rive del Cahaba e dei suoi affluenti.

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    4 days ago · Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park 2005, ISBN 978-0-271-05857-3. Randall M. Miller, William A. Pencak (Hrsg.): Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park 2002. Weblinks

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