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  1. Guidance (TV Series 2015–2017) - IMDb › title › tt5637544

    Guidance: With Crawford Collins, Blaine Kern III, George Todd McLachlan, Erica Dasher. Guidance uncovers the truth behind a series of scandalous photos of the most popular girl in school circulating through all forms of social media.

  2. Guidance (web series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Guidance_(web_series)

    Guidance is an American teen drama web series.The series was produced by AwesomenessTV for release on the go90 streaming service. The first season of Guidance was released on October 18, 2015, with the second season released between November 14 to December 9, 2016, and the third and final season released on August 29, 2017.

    • 27
    • October 18, 2015 –, August 29, 2017
    • 3
    • go90
  3. Television guidance - Wikipedia › wiki › Television_guidance
    • German Efforts
    • Us Efforts
    • Martel
    • Walleye
    • Kh-59

    The first concerted effort to build a television guided bomb took place in Germany under the direction of Herbert Wagner at the Henschel aircraft company starting in 1940. This was one of a number of efforts to provide guidance for the ongoing Hs 293 glide bomb project. The Hs 293 had originally been designed as a purely MCLOS system in which flares on the tail of the bomb were observed by the bomb aimer and the Kehl-Strassburg radio command set[a]sent commands to the bomb to align it with the target. The disadvantage of this approach is that the aircraft had to fly in such a way to allow the bomb aimer to view the bomb and target throughout the attack, which, given the cramped conditions of WWII bombers, significantly limited the directions the aircraft could fly. Any weather, smoke screens or even the problems of viewing the target at long range made the attack difficult. Placing a television camera in the nose of the bomb appeared to offer tremendous advantages. For one, the airc...

    The US had been introduced to the glide bombing concept by the Royal Air Force just before the US's entry into the war. "Hap" Arnold had Wright Patterson Air Force Base begin development of a wide variety of concepts under the GB ("glide bomb") and related VB ("vertical bomb") programs. These were initially low importance, as both the Army Air Force and US Navy were convinced that the Norden bombsight would offer pinpoint accuracy and eliminate the need for guided bombs. It was not long after the first missions by the 8th Air Forcein 1942 that the promise of the Norden was replaced by the reality that accuracy under 900 metres (1,000 yd) was essentially a matter of luck. Shortly thereafter the Navy came under attack by the early German MCLOS weapons in 1943. Both services began programs to put guided weapons into service as soon as possible, a number of these projects selected TV guidance. RCA, then a world leader in television technology, had been experimenting with military televi...

    In the early 1960s, Matra and Hawker Siddeley Dynamics began to collaborate on a long-range high-power anti-radar missile known as Martel. The idea behind Martel was to allow an aircraft to attack Warsaw Pact surface-to-air missile sites while well outside their range, and it carried a warhead large enough to destroy the radar even in the case of a near miss. In comparison to the US AGM-45 Shrike, Martel was far longer ranged, up to 60 kilometres (37 mi) compared to 16 kilometres (10 mi) for the early Shrike, and a 150-kilogram (330 lb) warhead instead of 66 kilograms (145 lb). Shortly thereafter, the Royal Navy began to grow concerned about the improving air defense capabilities of Soviet ships. The Blackburn Buccaneerhad been designed specifically to counter these ships by flying at very low altitudes and dropping bombs from long distances and high speeds. This approach kept the aircraft under the ship's radar until the last few minutes of the approach, but by the mid-1960s it was...

    US interest in television guidance largely ended in the post-war period. Nevertheless, small-scale development continued, and a team at the Naval Ordnance Test Station(NOTS) developed a way to automatically track light or dark spots on a television image, a concept today known as an optical contrast seeker. Most work focused on MACLOS weapons instead, and led to the development of the AGM-12 Bullpup which was considered to be so accurate it was referred to as a "silver bullet". Early use of the Bullpup demonstrated that the silver bullet was too difficult to use and exposed the launch aircraft to anti-aircraft fire, precisely the same problems that led the Germans to begin TV guidance research. In January 1963, NOTS released a contract for a bomb and guidance system that could be used with their contrast tracker. In spite of being a glide bomb, this was confusingly assigned a number as part of the new guided-missile numbering system, becoming the AGM-62 Walleye. As initially envisio...

    The Soviet Kh-59is a long-range land attack missile that turns on its television camera after 10 kilometres (6 mi) of travel from the launch aircraft. It has a maximum range of 200 kilometres (120 mi), and is used in a fashion essentially identical to that of the Walleye.

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    The TV Ratings, also called the TV Parental Guidelines, provide information about the content and age-appropriateness of TV programs. The TV Parental Guidelines include two elements: an age-based rating that provides guidance about the age group for which a program is appropriate, and content descriptors indicating that a program may contain ...

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