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    5 days ago · National Museum of Iceland item 6077 is a pendant found in Foss in Hrunamannahreppur thought to be a variation on Thor's hammer. It clearly bears a Christian-style cross, but its terminus is a wolf's head, and it has been viewed as integrating Christian and traditional imagery.

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    1 day ago · Armand “Armie” Douglas Hammer (born August 28, 1986) is an American actor. The son of businessman Michael Armand Hammer and the great-grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, he began his acting career with guest appearances in several television series.

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    6 days ago · The English "museum" comes from the Latin word, and is pluralized as "museums" (or rarely, "musea"). It is originally from the Ancient Greek Μουσεῖον (), which denotes a place or temple dedicated to the Muses (the patron divinities in Greek mythology of the arts), and hence a building set apart for study and the arts, especially the Musaeum (institute) for philosophy and research at ...

  4. 1 day ago · His anvil was wedge-shaped, so that he could knock it into the ground when he needed to do a repair. His anvil is now in the John Bunyan museum in Bedford. Use as a musical instrument. The anvil has sometimes been used as a percussion instrument because it makes a very loud sound when hit by the hammer. Usually musicians use a metal bar mounted ...

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    4 days ago · The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota has a collection of over 24,000 artworks, including examples of American modernism, ceramics, and traditional Korean furniture.

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    Katla (lyssna ()) är en aktiv subglacial vulkan på södra Island.Vulkanen är belägen norr om Vík och öster om den mindre glaciären Eyjafjallajökull.Toppen befinner sig 1 512 meter över havet och är delvis täckt av den 595 kvadratkilometer stora glaciären Mýrdalsjökull (vilken har en tjocklek på mellan 200 och 700 meter).

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    When playing a ScareScraper, Luigis are colored depending on the order of when they join it, meaning that the player is always an all-green Luigi when playing solo on their own ScareScraper or hosting it for other players.

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    In Luigi's Mansion 3, there are only four modes that are selected randomly when a new floor starts. Only either five, ten, twenty (as of version 1.3.1), or random floors can be selected when starting up a new game.

    Upgrades are rewarded to the entire team if they reach certain treasure totals. These totals differ depending on the mode being played. Once players earn the Suction Level 3 upgrade, the next upgrades is always Heart Drops up until a certain point. Unlike in Dark Moon Quest, the upgrades are not permanent; the next time the Luigis play another ScareScraper, they must earn these upgrades again.

    There are different traps that the Luigis can encounter. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, these only appear in multiplayer and require the help of another Luigi to escape, whereas in the third game they also appear in single player and will automatically end after approximately 30 seconds if no one frees the trapped player. Having all players caught in traps in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moonends the game.


    At the end of each floor, the players can view statistics of their activity on the floor they completed on the top screen. Upon completing -- or losing in -- a ScareScraper, the Luigis are ranked based on their performance (e.g. capturing ghosts and avoiding traps, and taking as little damage as possible) and are rewarded in G for the Vault. The higher ranked a Luigi is and the more floors they have cleared, the larger the prize. 1. Amount of spectral mass (W) obtained from ghosts. 2. Amount...


    In the results screen, before all the players are ready to begin the next floor, they can see achievements they have obtained on the floor they just cleared on the bottom screen. These achievements are based on their performance, but they're otherwise there just for fun. 1. MVP / Master Tracker - Most Ghosts Captured 2. Workhorse - Most Ghost HP Drained 3. Life Support - Most Hearts Collected 4. Money Maker - Most Treasure Collected 5. Heavy Lifter - Most Boss HP Drained 6. Bulldozer - Most T...

    There are 47 ghosts encountered solely within the ScareScraper (not including normal Polterpups). One of 45 of these ghosts (excluding the Big Polterpup and The Brain) are fought on every fifth floor, and The Brain is fought on the final floor. If the player is playing multiplayer without a game card, then they see special boss ghosts simply as larger, yellow, common ghosts.

    Artwork from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    Opening screen for Rush Mode in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    Opening screen for Polterpup Mode in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    The ScareScraper uses two ghost themes from Gloomy Manor and one from the Treacherous Mansion.
    If the Luigis manage to climb more than 99 floors in a ScareScraper on Endless, the game stops counting at 99.
    One of the fashion ghosts, the Fright Knight, references the original Super Mario Bros., where his description says, "He tried to rescue the princess, but she was always in another castle".
    In an interview with Next Level Games, it is revealed having Mario, Toad, and Peachbe playable characters was considered at one point, but they would not fit within the space for Download Play, whi...
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    1 day ago · Free for Kids General admission is free to all youth age 18 and under every day, granting more kids access to art than ever before. The Free for Kids program funds general admission for all children annually and enables the museum to offer $5 youth pricing for ticketed exhibitions.

  8. Asia Society

    3 days ago · Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context.

  9. 5 days ago · A Socially Distant Garden Party Celebrates the Publication of Young, Gifted and Black. On Saturday evening, Pioneer Works hosted an intimate celebration honoring the upcoming release of Young, Gifted and Black, the book accompaniment to a traveling exhibition of works from The Lumpkin-Boccuzzi Family Collection of Contemporary Art, curated by Antwaun Sargent and Matt Wycoff.