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  1. entelechy, (from Greek entelecheia), in philosophy, that which realizes or makes actual what is otherwise merely potential. The concept is intimately connected with Aristotle’s distinction between matter and form, or the potential and the actual. He analyzed each thing into the stuff or elements of which it is composed and the form which makes it what it is (see hylomorphism). The mere stuff ...

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  3. Lebensphilosophie (German: [ˈleːbm̩s.filozoˌfiː]; meaning 'philosophy of life') was a dominant philosophical movement of German-speaking countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which had developed out of German Romanticism. Lebensphilosophie emphasised the meaning, value and purpose of life as the foremost focus of philosophy.

  4. Hans Adolf Eduard Driesch The German biologist and philosopher Hans Adolf Eduard Driesch (1867-1941) was a leading representative of vitalism in the 20th century. Also Mentioned In

  5. Wikcionario tiene definiciones y otra información sobre entelequia. Entelequia, Diccionario soviético de filosofía, Ediciones Pueblos Unidos, Montevideo 1965; Hans Driesch, Diccionario soviético de filosofía, Ediciones Pueblos Unidos, Montevideo 1965; Aristóteles, Urbano González Serrano - Bocetos filosóficos; La Entelequia

  6. Sep 24, 2022 · This short exercise will have us encounter certain scientists like Halton Arp, Alexander Gurwitsch, Hans Driesch and Fritz Popp. These names should be known far and wide due to the profound nature of their discoveries into the creative foundations of life, electromagnetism etc.

  7. Categoria che raggruppa schede biografiche di pittori tedeschi del XX secolo. Il titolo delle voci è nella forma Nome Cognome , ma qui sono ordinate alfabeticamente per cognome . Se si utilizza il template {{ Bio }}, l'ordinamento per cognome avviene in automatico; in caso contrario, per ordinare per cognome, occorre categorizzare la voce ...

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