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  1. The story is set in medieval Germany.Hansel and Gretel are the young children of a poor woodcutter.When a great famine settles over the land, the woodcutter's second wife decides to take the children into the woods and leave them there to fend for themselves, so that she and her husband do not starve to death, as the children eat too much.

  2. Hansel and Gretel stood stunned for a moment, and then, without caution or hesitation, they ran to the house and began stuffing their faces full of candy. "What little pretties have come to my house today?" screeched an odd voice. Hansel and Gretel stopped short and stared at one another – each was messy and covered in candy. "Ugh!"

  3. Oct 30, 2021 · Scholars believe that these tragedies gave birth to the story of Hansel and Gretel. The notorious tale of Hansel and Gretel has been translated into 160 languages since the Brothers Grimm first published the German lore in 1812. Dark as it is, the story features child abandonment, attempted cannibalism, enslavement, and murder.

  4. Gretel took the bread in her apron, for Hansel’s pocket was full of pebbles; and so they all set out upon their way. When they had gone a little distance, Hansel stood still, and peeped back at the house; and this he repeated several times, till his father said, “Hansel, what are you peeping at, and why do you lag behind?

  5. Symbolism in Hansel and Gretel. The story about Hansel and Grethel is full of symbols and they offer numerous explanations. We'll try to briefly explain only few of them to give you the clue about the impressive depth in this famous fairy tale. Some other symbols, like the foret setting, are explained in this analysis of Red Riding Hood.

  6. Hansel and Gretel gathered together some twigs, a pile as high as a small mountain: Hansel and Gretel gathered together some twigs, a pile as high as a small mountain: They set it afire, and when the flames were burning well, the mother said, "Lie down by the fire and sleep. We will go into the woods to cut down trees.

  7. 04-12-2021 Fairy tale: Hansel and Gretel - Grimm. Near a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter and his wife, and his two children, the boy's name was Hansel and the girl's Grethel. They had very little to bite or to sup, and once, when there was great dearth in the land, the man could not even gain the daily bread.

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