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    • Hebrew Wikipedia - Wikipedia
      • Hebrew Wikipedia ( Hebrew: ויקיפדיה העברית ‎, IPA: [vikiˈpedja ha (ʔ)entsikloˈpedja haχofˈʃit]) is the Hebrew language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started on 11 May 2001 and contains more than 289,000 articles as of February 2021. July 8, 2003: The Hebrew edition of Wikipedia was launched.
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  2. Hebrew language - Wikipedia › wiki › Ivrit

    4 days ago · Hebrew (עִבְרִית ‎, Ivrit (help·info), IPA: [ivˈʁit] or [ʕivˈɾit]) is a Northwest Semitic language of the Afroasiatic language family. Historically, it is regarded as the language of the Israelites, Judeans and their ancestors.

  3. Hebrew alphabet - Wikipedia › wiki › Hebrew_alphabet

    4 days ago · The Hebrew alphabet (Hebrew: אָלֶף־בֵּית עִבְרִי ‎, Alefbet ivri), known variously by scholars as the Ktav Ashuri, Jewish script, square script and block script, is an abjad script used in the writing of the Hebrew language and other Jewish languages, most notably Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Arabic, and Judeo-Persian.

  4. Modern Hebrew phonology - Wikipedia › wiki › Modern_Hebrew_phonology

    3 days ago · Modern Hebrew is phonetically simpler than Biblical Hebrew and has fewer phonemes, but it is phonologically more complex. It has 25 to 27 consonants and 5 to 10 vowels, depending on the speaker and the analysis. Hebrew has been used primarily for liturgical, literary, and scholarly purposes for most of the past two millennia.

  5. Yiddish - Wikipedia › wiki › Yiddish_language

    5 days ago · Colloquially, the language is sometimes called מאַמע־לשון ‎ (mame-loshn, lit. 'mother tongue'), distinguishing it from לשון־קודש ‎ (loshn koydesh, "holy tongue"), meaning Hebrew and Aramaic.

  6. List of languages by first written accounts - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_languages_by_first

    3 days ago · This is a list of languages arranged by the approximate dates of the oldest existing texts recording a complete sentence in the language. It does not include undeciphered scripts, though there are various claims without wide acceptance, which, if substantiated, would push backward the first attestation of certain languages.

  7. Judah Leib Ben-Ze'ev - Wikipedia › wiki › Judah_Leib_Ben-Ze&

    3 days ago · Judah Leib Ben-Ze'ev (Hebrew: יְהוּדָה לֵיבּ בֵּן־זְאֵב ‎, German: Juda Löb Bensew; 18 August 1764 – 12 March 1811) was a Galician Jewish philologist, lexicographer, and Biblical scholar. He was a member of the Me'assefim group of Hebrew writers, and a "forceful proponent of revitalizing the Hebrew language".

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