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  1. Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist (18 October 1777 – 21 November 1811) was a German poet, dramatist, novelist, short story writer and journalist. His best known works are the theatre plays Das Käthchen von Heilbronn , The Broken Jug , Amphitryon and Penthesilea , and the novellas Michael Kohlhaas and The Marquise of O .

  2. Heinrich von Kleist, in full Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist, (born October 18, 1777, Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg [now in Germany]—died November 21, 1811, Wannsee, near Berlin), German dramatist, among the greatest of the 19th century. Poets of the Realist, Expressionist, Nationalist, and Existentialist movements in France and Germany saw their prototype in Kleist, a poet whose ...

  3. Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist (* 10. [nach eigener Angabe] [1] oder 18. Oktober 1777 [laut Kirchenbuch] in Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, Preußen; † 21. November 1811 am Stolper Loch, heute Kleiner Wannsee) war ein deutscher Dramatiker, Erzähler, Lyriker und Publizist . Heinrich von Kleist stand als „Außenseiter im literarischen ...

  4. Biography. 1777 Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist was born in Frankfurt an der Oder on 18th October (according to an entry in the garrison church register; he himself always gave his date of birth as 10th October). He was the oldest son of staff sergeant, later major Joachim Friedrich von Kleist and his second wife Juliane Ulrike, nee von Pannwitz.

  5. Heinrich von Kleist (1777–1811) Writer. Heinrich von Kleist was born on the 18th of October, 1777 in Frankfurt/Oder (Germany) as the son of a priest. His father died when Heinrich was 11 so he had to earn some money early. He managed to go to the High School until 15, but was forced then to join the Prussian army in their war in the west.

    • 1777-10-18
    • Writer
    • 1811-11-21
    • October 18, 1777
  6. Heinrich von Kleist - A Modern Man. Today, Heinrich von Kleist appears as a modern man who became involved in the radical political and social changes in Germany at the turn of the 19 th century and, although he came from an aristocratic family in Brandenburg, endured unstable living conditions throughout his life.

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