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  1. Henry IV (9 April 1367 – 20 March 1413), also known as Henry Bolingbroke, was King of England from 1399 to 1413. His grandfather King Edward III had claimed the French throne as a grandson of Philip IV of France, and Henry continued this claim.

  2. Henry IV, also called (1377–97) earl of Derby or (1397–99) duke of Hereford, byname Henry Bolingbroke or Henry of Lancaster, (born April? 1366, Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire, England—died March 20, 1413, London), king of England from 1399 to 1413, the first of three 15th-century monarchs from the house of Lancaster.

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    Henry IV (1367 - 1413) a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Henry IV © The first of three monarchs from the house of Lancaster, Henry usurped the crown and successfully...

  4. Jan 29, 2020 · Henry IV died on 20 March 1413 CE. He was only around 46 and had been wasting away, wracked by disease - possibly leprosy or severe eczema - since 1406 CE. In addition, the king suffered multiple strokes at the end of his life and this when his mind had already long been troubled with remorse for his treatment of King Richard.

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  5. 16th century painting of Henry IV Reign 30 September 1399 – 20 March 1413 Coronation 13 October 1399 Predecessor Richard II Successor Henry V Born (1366-04-03)3 April 1366 Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire Died 20 March 1413(1413-03-20)(aged 46) Westminster, London Burial Canterbury Cathedral, Kent Spouse Consort Mary de Bohun

    • 13 October 1399
    • Richard II
    • 30 September 1399 – 20 March 1413
    • Henry V
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    Henry IV, orig. Henry Bolingbroke, (born April? 1366, Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire, Eng.—died March 20, 1413, London), King of England (1399–1413), first of three 15th-century monarchs of the house of Lancaster.

  7. Feb 19, 2021 · 20 March 1413: Henry IV dies in the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey, after collapsing while visiting the shrine of Edward the Confessor. Betrayed and lynched Yet winning a kingdom proved easier than keeping it. For a start, although Richard was childless, Henry was not his primogenitary heir.

  8. Jan 11, 2021 · The first and founding member of the House of Lancaster, Henry had successfully overthrown Richard II and consolidated his power to become King Henry IV of England in October 1399. The son of John of Gaunt, he launched a successful comeback against the tyrannical rule of Richard II, securing his abdication and imprisoning him in Pontefract Castle.

  9. Jul 28, 2021 · King Henry IV of England was a monarch who ruled from 1399 to 1413. He was the first ruler to come from the House of Lancaster, and his reign was controversial because he usurped the crown from...

  10. 1399 - 1413. Reign of Henry IV of England . 3 Feb 1399. Death of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III of England and Duke of Lancaster. His son Henry Bolingbroke inherits the title and the claim to the throne. Jun 1399 - Jul 1399. Henry Bolingbroke lands in northern England with a small invading army and marches south.

  11. Henry IV (April 3, 1367 – March 20, 1413) was the King of England and France and Lord of Ireland 1399–1413. He was born at Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, hence, the other name by which he was known, Henry Bolingbroke. His father, John of Gaunt, was the third son of Edward III, and enjoyed a position of considerable influence during ...

  12. Jan 12, 2022 · Henry was the oldest son of the supremely ambitious John of Gaunt. Gaunt had dominated his father Edward III’s government during the king’s last years, and had watched – with great jealousy – as Edward’s heir, Edward ‘the Black Prince’, had achieved military glory and renown in Europe.

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