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  1. Leland, Henry M. Henry Martyn Leland, founder of Cadillac and Lincoln car companies, brought precision engineering to the automobile business. Born in Barton, Vermont in 1843, he gained machine knowledge working with farm equipment and learned the firearms trade working at Colt before the Civil War. Working at Brown and Sharpe in Rhode Island ...

  2. Henry Leland brought style, grace, and a reputation for quality to the American automobile industry. Born in Vermont in 1843, Leland earned degrees from the Universities of Michigan and Vermont. After graduation, he began working as a machinist, and later served as a toolmaker in the United States Arsenal during the Civil War.

  3. Henry M. Leland was born to Leander and Zilpha, the youngest of 8, in Vermont in 1843. Sources differ on the town of his birth (Danville versus Barton); he grew up in Barton. He learned engineering and precision machining in the Brown & Sharpe plant at Providence, Rhode Island.

  4. Henry M. Leland, American engineer and manufacturer whose rigorous standards contributed to the development of the automobile. His automotive innovations included the V-8 engine and adoption of the electric starter. Learn more about Leland’s life and career.

  5. Henry Leland strove to build an even better automobile. Flush with severance cash and stocks, he immediately founded the Lincoln Motor Company (named for his hero, Abraham Lincoln, who he'd helped re-elect in 1864), at first to build Liberty aero engines under license for the aerial battle over Europe.

  6. Henry M. Leland was an inventor, machinist, engineer, and automotive entrepreneur who not only founded two leading American automobile luxury brands, Cadillac and Lincoln, but also introduced to Detroit the concept of interchangeable parts for automobiles.

  7. Henry M. Leland. Henry Martyn Leland (16 February, 1843-26 March, 1932) (born Barton, Vermont, died Detroit, Michigan) was a machinist, inventor, engineer and automotive entrepreneur. He learned engineering and precision machining in the Brown & Sharpe plant at Providence, Rhode Island, and subsequently worked in the firearms industry ...

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