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  1. Henry V was buried in Westminster Abbey on 7 November 1422. Legacy Political A statue of Henry V on the interior of the Canterbury Cathedral. Henry V's death at thirty-five years of age was a political and dynastic turning point for both the kingdoms of England and France.

  2. Henry V, king of England (1413–22) of the house of Lancaster, son of Henry IV. As victor of the Battle of Agincourt (1415, in the Hundred Years’ War with France), he made England one of the strongest kingdoms in Europe. Learn more about Henry V in this article.

  3. Nov 9, 2009 · Henry V: The Warrior-Prince . Henry was born in August of 1386 (or 1387) at Monmouth Castle on the Welsh border. His father, Henry of Bolingbroke, deposed his cousin Richard II in 1399.

  4. Oct 31, 2019 · Henry V was a man of contradictions. In youth, he was reportedly an “assiduous cultivator of lasciviousness,” but upon ascending to the throne of England in the early 15th century, he won ...

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  5. Jan 31, 2020 · Definition. Henry V of England ruled as king from 1413 to 1422 CE. Succeeding his father Henry IV of England (r. 1399-1413 CE), Prince Henry established himself as a fine military leader in battles against English and Welsh rebels in the first decade of the 1400s CE. As king, Henry masterminded a famous victory against the French at the Battle ...

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    For the full article, see Henry V . Henry V, (born Sept. 16?, 1387, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales—died Aug. 31, 1422, Bois de Vincennes, Fr.), King of England (1413–22) of the House of Lancaster. The eldest son of Henry IV, he fought Welsh rebels (1403–08). As king he harshly suppressed a Lollard uprising (1414) and a Yorkist conspiracy ...

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  8. Mar 17, 2019 · Henry V of England. Henry V weds Catherine of Valois. An icon of chivalry, a conquering hero, an exemplar of kingship and a supreme self-publicist, Henry V is among the triumvirate of the most famous English monarchs. Unlike Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, Henry V forged his legend in a little over nine years, but the long-term effects of his ...

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