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  1. Henry VI (6 December 1421 – 21 May 1471) was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, [1] and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453.

  2. Henry VI, (born December 6, 1421, Windsor, Berkshire, England—died May 21/22, 1471, London), king of England from 1422 to 1461 and from 1470 to 1471, a pious and studious recluse whose incapacity for government was one of the causes of the Wars of the Roses.

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  3. Henry VI (r.1422-1461 and 1470-1471) Born at Windsor Castle, Henry VI succeeded to the thrones of England and France before the age of one, when his father Henry V and his grandfather Charles VI of France died within months of one another. Henry was crowned King of England in 1429 and, in 1431, King of France.

  4. Jan 28, 2021 · Having lost his heir and with his wife in captivity, Henry VI came to an untimely end in May 1471, murdered at the Tower of London. Henry VI had led a life of an ineffectual king, precipitating the rise of animosity and challenges to the throne that found expression in the War of the Roses.

  5. Feb 4, 2020 · Henry VI of England ruled as king from 1422 to 1461 CE and again from 1470 to 1471 CE. Succeeding his father Henry V of England (r. 1413-1422 CE), Henry VI was crowned the king of France in 1431 CE but he could not prevent a French revival led by Charles VII of France (r. 1422-1461 CE) and such figures as Joan of Arc (c. 1412-1431 CE).

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  6. Nov 26, 2020 · Henry became king of England on 1 September 1422, at nine months of age, following the death of his father, Henry V. A regency council governed the country until 1437, when Henry was considered old enough to rule. He was the youngest person to inherit the English throne. 9 of the worst monarchs in history

  7. Nov 9, 2009 · Henry VI In 1422, Henry VI succeeded his father Henry V and became King of England—at just nine months old. Thanks to his father’s military conquests, Henry VI also became the...

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