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  1. Egyptian numerals - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · In the oldest hieratic texts the individual numerals were clearly written in a ciphered relationship to the Egyptian alphabet. But during the Old Kingdom a series of standardized writings had developed for sign-groups containing more than one numeral, repeated as Roman numerals practiced.

  2. Tifinagh - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Tifinagh is believed to have descended from the ancient Libyan (libyque) or Libyco-Berber script, although its exact evolution is unclear.The latter writing system was widely used in antiquity by speakers of the largely undeciphered Numidian language, also called Old Libyan, throughout Africa and on the Canary Islands.

    • 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century CE
    • Abjad
  3. Brahmic scripts - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · Brahmic scripts descended from the Brahmi script. Brahmi is clearly attested from the 3rd century BC during the reign of Ashoka , who used the script for imperial edicts , but there are some claims of earlier epigraphy found on pottery in South India and Sri Lanka .

  4. Nsibidi - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Nsibidi (also known as nsibiri, nchibiddi or nchibiddy) is a system of symbols or early writing indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria that are apparently pictograms, though there have been suggestions that some are logograms or syllabograms.

    • anaforuana (Cuba), veve (Haiti)
    • Nsibidi (see also Proto-writing)Nsibidi
  5. ヒエラティック - Wikipediaヒエラティック

    1 day ago · ヒエラティック(英: Hieratic )または神官文字(しんかんもじ)とは、ヒエログリフ、デモティックと並んで古代エジプトで使われた3種の文字のうちの1つであり、ファラオの時代を起源としてエジプトとヌビアで使用されていた筆記体の書記体系である。

  6. Persecution of Copts - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The Muslim conquest of Egypt. The Muslim conquest of Egypt took place in AD 639, during the Byzantine empire.Despite the political upheaval, Egypt remained a mainly Christian, but Copts lost their majority status after the 14th century, as a result of the intermittent persecution and the destruction of the Christian churches there, accompanied by heavy taxes for those who refused to convert.

  7. Spoleto Cathedral - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Spoleto Cathedral (Italian: Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta; Duomo di Spoleto) is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia created in 1821, previously that of the diocese of Spoleto, and the principal church of the Umbrian city of Spoleto, in Italy. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  8. hieroglyph - Wikidata

    1 day ago · hieroglyph. pictographic sign ... part of. writing system. 0 references. derivative work. hieratic. 0 references ... from Wikimedia project. Armenian Wikipedia ...

  9. Old Turkic script - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The Old Turkic script (also known as variously Göktürk script, Orkhon script, Orkhon-Yenisey script, Turkic runes) was the alphabet used by the Göktürks and other early Turkic khanates from the 9th to 10th centuries to record the Old Turkic language.

  10. The evolution of plainsong - Talk Classical

    1 day ago · The allure both familiar and hieratic of church faux-bourdon made it particularly appropriate to express the grave solemnity of the requiem mass and funeral service. However, the municipal undertakers' tariffs in Paris made it expensive.

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