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  1. Jan 26, 2020 · Categories The Netherlands Tags Hilversum 15 Best Things to Do in Hilversum (the Netherlands): Goois Natuurreservaat; Raadhuis Hilversum; Natuurmonument Corversbos; Hoorneboegse Heide; Institute for Sound and Vision; Zonnestraal; Museum Hilversum; Sint Vituskerk; Sip a beautiful coffee at the Doppio Espresso Café; Visit the Naarden Star Fort ...

  2. Hilversum is a medium-sized city in the Gooi area of North Holland in the Netherlands. Once called the Garden of Amsterdam, most travellers still come over to cycle and hike through the surrounding forests and heathland. The city is also known for its modern architecture, with Dudok's Hilversum Town Hall being the most significant design.

  3. Hilversum, gemeente (municipality), west-central Netherlands. The centre of the Gooiland district of lakes and woods, it was a village dependent on agriculture and weaving until the railway arrived in 1874. It is now a southeastern suburb of Amsterdam, a health and summer resort, and the centre of.

  4. Hilversum is known for some of its popular attractions, which include: Hoorneboegse Heide; Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid; Goois Natuurreservaat; Sint- Vituskerk; Aqua Expo

  5. Contact the municipality and make an appointment. City office, Town hall, Social Square, Regional Archives, Citizens' Reading Room, Clerk's Office.

  6. Nov 9, 2023 · Hilversum, the Gooi and Vechtstreek is a region filled with possibilities, whether you live there, work there, or even if you’re just visiting. It is a lively community of 250,000 residents and is brimming with creative companies, greenery and attractions. One of the greenest parts of the Amsterdam Area

  7. Feb 23, 2022 · Hilversum is one of the first inhabited areas of the Netherlands, as shown by earthenware from the early to mid-bronze age (1800-1200BCE). This prehistoric civilization is called Hilversum Culture and is characterized by the use of cremation burial under round barrows set in round barrow cemeteries. The urns show similarities with the Wessex ...

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