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    5 days ago · Hispanic America ( Spanish: Hispanoamérica or América Hispana) (also known as Spanish America ( Spanish: América española )) is the portion of the Americas comprising the Spanish-speaking countries of North, Central, and South America. In all of these countries, Spanish is the main language, sometimes sharing official status with one or ...

    • History

      The Spanish conquest of the Americas began in 1492, and...

    • Demographics

      Spanish is the official language in most Hispanic American...

    • Culture

      Hispanic cuisine as the term is applied in the Western...

  2. Hispanic and Latino Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › Hispanic_and_Latino_Americans

    3 days ago · Hispanics make up a substantial proportion (almost 40%) of the Catholics in the United States, although the number of American Hispanic priests is low relative to Hispanic membership in the church. In 2019, José Horacio Gómez , Archbishop of Los Angeles and a naturalized American citizen born in Mexico, was elected as president of the U.S ...

  3. Latin America - Wikipedia › wiki › Latin_America

    3 days ago · Ardao wrote about this subject in his book Génesis de la idea y el nombre de América latina (Genesis of the Idea and the Name of Latin America, 1980), and Miguel Rojas Mix in his article "Bilbao y el hallazgo de América latina: Unión continental, socialista y libertaria" (Bilbao and the Finding of Latin America: a Continental, Socialist and ...

    • 20,111,457 km² (7,765,077 sq mi)
    • 20
  4. Mexican Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › Mexican_Americans

    3 days ago · Over one-third of the city's population is Mexican-American or Hispanic/Latino, as well as approximately one-fourth of the entire Denver Metropolitan area. About 17% of the cities population is foreign born, mostly from Latin America. Greeley, Colorado – Over one-third of the city's population is Latino, mostly Mexican-American.

  5. White Latin Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › White_Latin_Americans

    4 days ago · White Latin Americans, or European Latin Americans, are Latin Americans who are considered white, typically due to European descent. Latin American countries have often encouraged intermarriage between different ethnic groups since the beginning of the colonial period.

    • 38M
    • 18M
    • 99M
    • 12.7M–56M (est.)
  6. White Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › Caucasian_American

    Jun 07, 2021 · Each Latin American country has a unique demographic history. The genetic profile of American latinos varies from group to group and is a result of unique immigration histories, as Mexicans and Mexican-Americans make up the majority of Hispanics in the United States but other South American groups may have a different degree of admixture.

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  8. Spanish–American War - Wikipedia › wiki › Spanish–American_War

    3 days ago · CHAP. 189. – An Act Declaring that war exists between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain on April 25, 1898. On April 25, the U.S. Congress responded in kind, declaring that a state of war between the U.S. and Spain had de facto existed since April 21, the day the blockade of Cuba had begun.

  9. United States - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › United_States

    4 days ago · Hispanic-Americans or people of Latin origins make up 15% of the nation. The original peoples, called Native American, American Indians, or Amerindians and Inuit are a very small group. 11% of the people in the United States are foreign born. 18% speak a language other than English at home.

  10. Santería - Wikipedia › wiki › Santería

    May 27, 2021 · The American Religious Identification Survey of 2001 estimated that there were then approximately 22,000 practitioners in the U.S., although in the mid-1990s the scholar Joseph Murphy suggested that hundreds of thousands of people in the country had engaged with Santería in some form, often as clients.

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