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  1. Sep 19, 2023 · history: previous 1935, 1956, 1962 (preindependence); latest enacted 4 November 1972, effective 16 December 1972, suspended March 1982, restored November 1986 amendments: proposed by the House of the Nation; approval requires at least two-thirds majority vote of the House membership and assent of the president of the republic; amended many ...

  2. History of Bangladesh Etymology Timeline Traditional Urheimat Ancient Classical Medieval Modern Contemporary Related articles Bangladesh portal v t e This is a timeline of Bangladeshi history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Bangladesh and its predecessor states.

  3. Bangladesh since independence. In January 1972 Mujib was installed as the first prime minister of the new parliamentary government of Bangladesh, and Abu Sayeef Choudhury became president. Still troublesome, however, were various local paramilitary forces, known as Razakars, that supported the Pakistani cause.

  4. The Pakistani period, 1947–71 Mohammed Ali Jinnah Although the boundaries of East Bengal were based ostensibly on religion, they did not entirely reflect it.

  5. On April 4, 1972, the United States recognized Bangladesh. Modern Flag of Bangladesh Recognition U.S. Recognition of Bangladeshi Independence, 1972. The United States recognized Bangladesh on April 4, 1972, in a press statement from Secretary of State William Rogers.

  6. A country chiefly known in the West through media images of poverty, underdevelopment and natural disasters, Bangladesh did not exist as an independent state until 1971.

  7. Mar 26, 2021 · 26 March 2021 Getty Images It's been 50 years since Bangladesh first began the fight for independence, which resulted in it breaking away from Pakistan to become a separate country. Before this...

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