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  1. At the end of the 8th century the Moravian Principality came into being in present-day south-eastern Moravia, Záhorie in south-western Slovakia and parts of Lower Austria. In 833 AD, this became the state of Great Moravia with the conquest of the Principality of Nitra (present-day Slovakia). Their first king was Mojmír I (ruled 830–846).

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    The medieval and early modern Margraviate of Moravia was a crown land of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown from 1348 to 1918, an imperial state of the Holy Roman Empire from 1004 to 1806, a crown land of the Austrian Empire from 1804 to 1867, and a part of Austria-Hungary from 1867 to 1918.

  3. May 16, 2024 · In the 20th century Moravia became part of the modern state of Czechoslovakia and subsequently of the Czech Republic. The region is bounded by Bohemia on the west and northwest, by Silesia on the northeast, by Slovakia on the east, and by Lower Austria on the south. Moravia was inhabited from the 4th century bce by Celtic and then Germanic tribes.

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  4. Czechoslovak history - Moravia, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Velvet Revolution: The earliest known inhabitants of Moravia, situated to the east of Bohemia, were the Boii and the Cotini, another Celtic tribe. These were succeeded about 15–10 bce by the Germanic Quadi. The Germanic peoples were pushed back from the middle Danube by the coming of the Avars in 567 ce. The exact date of the arrival ...

  5. The movement that would develop into the Moravian Church was started by a Catholic priest named Jan Hus (in English John Hus) in the early 15th century. The Church was established as a reaction to practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Hus wanted to return the Church in Bohemia and Moravia to the practices of early Christianity: performing the ...

  6. May 18, 2011 · The history and archaeology of Great Moravia: an introduction. The history and archaeology of Great Moravia: an introduction. By Florin Curta. Early Medieval Europe, Vol.17:3 (2009) Introduction: Historical geography is not in fashion any more. With an increased awareness of, and consequently caution about, the constructed character of maps and ...

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  8. by collecting sources of Moravian history. Finally, in 1860, Moravia’s offi cial historiographer at the time, Beda Dudík (1815–1890), published part one of the fi rst written critical and general history of Moravia: Mährens allgemeine Geschichte. To uncover the discovery of Moravian history, then, I will scru-

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