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    5 days ago · The name House of Bourbon was then used to describe the entire House of France, officially since 29 June 1768, date of death of Hélène de Courtenay (1689–1768), with which was extinguished the Capetian House of Courtenay, extinction which made the House of France the only branch dynasty resulting from the dukes of Bourbon.

    • Capetian Dynasty

      The Capetian dynasty (/ k ə ˈ p iː ʃ ən /), also known as...

  2. House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies - Wikipedia

    Nov 16, 2020 · The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is an Italian cadet branch of the Spanish Bourbons that ruled Southern Italy and Sicily for more than a century in the 18th and 19th centuries. It descends from the Capetian dynasty in legitimate male line through Philippe de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou , a younger grandson of Louis XIV of France (1638–1715) who ...

  3. House of Bourbon-Parma - Wikipedia

    Nov 16, 2020 · The House of Bourbon-Parma (Italian: Casa di Borbone di Parma) is a cadet branch of the Spanish royal family, whose members once ruled as King of Etruria and as Duke of Parma and Piacenza, Guastalla, and Lucca. The House descended from the French Capetian dynasty in male line.

    • 18 October 1748
    • Parma: Robert I (1854–1859)
  4. House of Bourbon-Dampierre - Wikipedia

    Nov 13, 2020 · The House of Bourbon-Dampierre refers to a noble dynasty that emerged from the marriage of Guy II of Dampierre with Mathilde of Bourbon in 1197. The male line of this house ended in 1249, while the female line persisted until 1287.

  5. House of Orléans - Wikipediaéans

    Nov 23, 2020 · The 4th House of Orléans (French: Maison d'Orléans), sometimes called the House of Bourbon-Orléans (French: Maison de Bourbon-Orléans) to distinguish it, is the fourth holder of a surname previously used by several branches of the Royal House of France, all descended in the legitimate male line from the dynasty's founder, Hugh Capet.

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    Nov 22, 2020 · European royal house of French origin. This page was last edited on 22 November 2020, at 12:59. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

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    The Most Serene House of Bourbon-Condé named after Condé-en-Brie, now in the Aisne département, is a French princely house and a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. The name of the house was derived from the title of Prince of Condé that was originally assumed around 1557 by the French Protestant leader, Louis de Bourbon, uncle of King Henry IV of France, and borne by his male-line descendants. This line became extinct in 1830 when his eighth-generation descendant, Louis Henri Joseph...

    The Princes of Condé descend from the Vendôme family – the progenitors of the modern House of Bourbon. There was never a principality, sovereign or vassal, of Condé. The name merely served as the territorial source of a title adopted by Louis, who inherited from his father, Charles IV de Bourbon, duc de Vendôme, the lordship of Condé-en-Brie in Champagne, consisting of the Château of Condé and a dozen villages some fifty miles east of Paris. It had passed from the sires of Avesnes ...

    The House of Bourbon-Conti was formed in 1581 by François de Bourbon, prince de Conti. He was the son of Louis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé. The house became extinct in 1814 upon the death of Louis François II de Bourbon, prince de Conti.

    The first prince de Conti was also the brother of the founder of the House of Bourbon-Soissons, Charles de Bourbon-Soissons. The comtes de Soissons were addressed at court as Monsieur le Comte and their wives as Madame la Comtesse. The members of the house were: 1. 1487 ...

    The eldest sons of the Princes of Condé used the title of Duke of Enghien, and were addressed as Monsieur le Duc until that style came to be pre-empted by their fathers, as Dukes of Bourbon, after 1709. The Princes of Condé were also the male-line ancestors of the branches of the Princes of Conti, which flourished 1629–1814, and of the Counts of Soissons, 1566–1641. Although both the sons and daughters of these branches of the House of Bourbon held the rank of princes and princesses ...

  9. Duke of Bourbon - Wikipedia

    Nov 13, 2020 · Duke of Bourbon (French: Duc de Bourbon) is a title in the peerage of France.It was created in the first half of the 14th century for the eldest son of Robert of France, Count of Clermont and Beatrice of Burgundy, heiress of the lordship of Bourbon.

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    Nov 21, 2020 · An official residence is the residence that a head of state or head of government.. International organizations United Nations. 3 Sutton Place, Manhattan, New York City (residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations)

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