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  1. Dec 6, 2023 · Back pain is a potential symptom of COVID and long COVID. However, other conditions and factors can cause back pain, from sprains and infections to not being active enough.

  2. Apr 21, 2023 · The duration of COVID chest pain can vary depending on the severity of your infection and what causes the pain. For some people, chest pain associated with COVID-19 may be a mild symptom lasting only a few minutes. In other cases, chest pain may persist for a few days, several weeks, or longer.

  3. Aug 10, 2022 · Chest pain or tightness. Bluish lips, skin or nails (cyanosis). How do I know that my COVID-19 infection starts to cause pneumonia? While pneumonia and COVID-19 can cause many similar symptoms, the biggest indicator that a COVID-19 infection has worsened is trouble breathing.

  4. Aug 17, 2021 · Back pain can have many possible causes. It’s impossible to know if your back pain was caused by COVID-19 unless you also had a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test.

  5. Jul 12, 2024 · Specific COVID-19-related symptoms (e.g., trouble breathing) and the potential use of certain treatments can also affect the recovery timeline. All said, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people with COVID-19 recover within one month, although it can take up to 12 weeks.

  6. Feb 28, 2022 · What does COVID do to lungs? COVID-19 can cause lung complications such as pneumonia and, in the most severe cases, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Sepsis , another possible complication of COVID-19, can also cause lasting harm to the lungs and other organs.

  7. Nov 21, 2022 · Costochondritis, a painful chest pain due to swelling of the cartilage that attaches to the sternum, is a rare post-COVID symptom that some children may experience. It may be treated with NSAIDS and colchicine.

  8. May 14, 2021 · Discomfort in your chest may occur along with shortness of breath or trouble breathing. Studies have found that up to 17.7 percent of people with COVID-19 report chest pain. People with...

  9. May 23, 2022 · However, as backache can be caused by many factors, and even if you develop it in conjunction with nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing or fever, muscle ache can be indicative of other illnesses like flu. Similarly, people with pneumonia can also have backache due to inflammation and infection throughout the torso.

  10. Feb 28, 2023 · Chest pain may be a long-term symptom of COVID-19. It can result from pleuritic pain, muscular pain, angina, or heart damage. Learn more here.

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