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  1. Anne of Denmark - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Anne of Denmark (Danish: Anna; 12 December 1574 – 2 March 1619) was Queen of Scotland, England, and Ireland by marriage to King James VI and I. [1] The second daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark , Anne married James in 1589 at age 14 and bore him three children who survived infancy, including the future Charles I .

  2. Empress Joséphine - Wikipediaéphine

    1 day ago · Name. Although she is often referred to as "Joséphine de Beauharnais", it is not a name she ever used in her lifetime, as "Beauharnais" is the name of her first husband, which she ceased to use upon her marriage to Napoleon, taking the last name "Bonaparte" while she did not use the name "Joséphine" before meeting Napoleon, who was the first to begin calling her such, perhaps from a middle ...

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