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  1. Mar 22, 2019 · Not that any of it excuses him, but his motives were not simply “evil for evil’s sake.” As we learn later on, pretty much no one in MDZ (and irl) is evil for evil’s sake, but Xue Yang is absolutely one of the more… chaotic and petty ones. That being said, Xue Yang’s actual motivations were not remotely petty at all.

  2. After Jin Guangshan's death, Jin Guangyao is chosen to become Chief Cultivator. To show that things will be different under his reign, the first thing he did was, allegedly, kill Xue Yang. In actuality, Xue Yang is beaten half-to-death before escaping. Whether Jin Guangyao intended to let his friend escape, or to kill him, is unknown.

  3. After realizing he was blind, Xue Yang took this as an opportunity. First, he wanted to kill Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing. But later, he realized that he actually like Xiao Xingchen, so he decided to live their days in peace. He was finally willing to change. It was all going good, until Song Lan came, and he ruined it.

  4. I honestly can't like XY even if I tried to force myself to. Sure, I can understand killing the person who deceived you as a child for revenge, but murdering the entire sect is unforgivable. Even more than that, he manipulates XXC to the point where he commits suicide and his soul is fragmented because he doesn't want to live anymore.

  5. "WWX successfully destroys one half, but before he could completely destroy the second half, the first siege of the Burial Mounds ended his life." "Following the siege, the other half falls into the possession of Lanling Jin Clan. Their guest disciple, Xue Yang, uses Demonic Cultivation to rebuild the other half of the Tally." Hope this helps!

  6. Sep 13, 2021 · Wei Wuxian’s attempts to protect the innocent members of the Wen clan from unfair persecution leads to disaster, and he goes missing in the process. Wei Wuxian reappears sixteen years later, and works together with his soulmate Lan Wangji to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit. User/Viewer Ratings

  7. The man started laughing, "I'm just a hooligan from the streets," Xue Yang giggled, "You think I'm special enough for the Wen sect to notice me? They don't even know who I am." "So you're not special enough for the big clans, but you're strong enough to wipe out a minor sect without even a frown," Wei Wuxian pondered.