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  1. In physics, the special theory of relativity, or special relativity for short, is a scientific theory regarding the relationship between space and time. In Albert Einstein 's original treatment, the theory is based on two postulates : [p 1] [1] [2]

  2. May 03, 2002 · As the theory of the atom, quantum mechanics is perhaps the most successful theory in the history of science. It enables physicists, chemists, and technicians to calculate and predict the outcome of a vast number of experiments and to create new and advanced technology based on the insight into the behavior of atomic objects.

  3. Einstein's equivalence principle, on which general relativity is founded, requires that in any local, freely falling reference frame, the speed of light is always the same. [1] [2] This leaves open the possibility, however, that an inertial observer inferring the apparent speed of light in a distant region might calculate a different value.

  4. This is one big book, and it takes time to look through topics as diverse as general relativity, astrophysics, particle theory, quantum mechanics, chaos and nonlinearity, low-temperature physics, and phase transitions. Nevertheless, this is an excellent book of recent (1989) physics articles, written by several physicists/astrophysicists.

  5. May 20, 2021 · Classical and Quantum Gravity is an established journal for physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists in the fields of gravitation and the theory of spacetime. The journal is now the acknowledged world leader in classical relativity and all areas of quantum gravity.

  6. College teaching may be the only skilled profession for which no preparation or training is provided or required. You get a Ph.D., join a faculty, they show you your office, and then tell you “By the way, you’re teaching 205 next semester.

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