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  1. How Do Electronic Drums Work? - Dawsons Music › blog › how-do-electronic-drums-work

    Drum triggers/ trigger pads. Trigger pads are the bits of an electronic drum kit that you play. Most digital drums are a standard, 5-piece configuration, much like the sort of acoustic drum kit that you would commonly learn to play on.

  2. How to play electric drum: The Complete Guides › how-to-play-electric-drum

    Jan 15, 2021 · The Bass Drum Pad – While these are massive on an acoustic set, with electronic drum pads, this is typically just a pedal. The “kick drumpad produces tones that are much lower and louder than the lo tom. Some of the top electronic sets have an acoustic bass drum attached. See More details on different types of drum sets

  3. How To Record Electronic Drums (Beginner's Guide) › audio › how-to-record-electronic-drums

    An electronic drum set might be the perfect solution! They’re quiet, compact, and you have tons of sounds available. I’m going to cover everything you need to get started with electronic drums.

  4. Electronic Drums - Frequently Asked Questions - Roland Australia › blog › electronic-drums

    It’s the best of both worlds – an acoustic drum kit augmented with a sound module and electronic pads and triggers. For many players – including Neil Peart of Rush – playing a hybrid kit is like having your cake and eating it, giving you both the classic old-school vibe of acoustic drums and the space-age electro features of electronics.

  5. Homemade Electronic Drum Kit : 7 Steps (with Pictures ... › Homemade-Electronic-Drum-Kit

    The drum brain that I am using can recognize these "dual-zone" pads, so separate notes can be triggered by hitting the center of the drum or the rim. For the center, I carved foam insulation into a cone shape so that hitting the drumhead will transfer pressure from the tip of the cone to the base, where a piezo trigger is sandwiched between ...

  6. How To Shop for Electronic Drums - The Hub › thehub › electronic-drums

    Sep 24, 2019 · An electronic percussion controller makes a great addition to a drum set for players who want the versatility of an electronic sound set without changing over to an electronic drum kit. The Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad is a percussion controller that has many of the features of complete electronic drum kits, and is extremely ...

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    related to: How does an electronic drum pad work?