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  2. Sardinian language - Wikipedia › wiki › Sardinian_language

    4 days ago · Sardinian is considered the most conservative Romance language, and its substratum (Paleo-Sardinian or Nuragic) has also been researched. A 1949 study by the Italian-American linguist Mario Pei, analyzing the degree of difference from a language's parent (Latin, in the case of Romance languages) by comparing phonology, inflection, syntax, vocabulary, and intonation, indicated the following ...

  3. Hispanics In Alaska Lost In Translation - Rochester La Voz › hispanics-in-alaska-lost-in-translation

    Apr 15, 2021 · Spanish is ubiquitous in some states, but not in Alaska, where only 3.5 percent speak it at home. More than a quarter of them speak English “less than very well,” according to the Statistical Atlas, based on information from the U.S. Census. Many immigrants may not know of services available to bridge the language gap.

  4. Venezuela - Wikipedia › wiki › Venezuela

    5 days ago · Although most residents are monolingual Spanish speakers, many languages are spoken in Venezuela. In addition to Spanish, the Constitution recognizes more than thirty indigenous languages, including Wayuu, Warao, Pemón, and many others for the official use of the indigenous peoples, mostly with few speakers – less than 1% of the total ...

  5. 4 days ago · Many subfields within sociolinguistics have been influenced by developments in linguistics and social theory over the past half century. This has certainly been the case in the field of language policy and planning (LPP), which has incorporated new ways of thinking about language, society, and cognition, as evidenced by the published research in journals and books.

    • Thomas Ricento
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    • 2013
  6. 20 Amazing Russian Language Facts. Russian Learners Only. › russian › russian-language-facts
    • The Russian language is the 5th most spoken language. Russian is the mother tongue for 147 million people, and another 113 million speak it as a second language.
    • The Russian language is considered as one of the richest and most complex languages in the world. The grammar of the Russian language is very complex therefore it is rather difficult for outsiders to learn it.
    • Not all Russian speakers are using words correctly today. A huge number of people in Russia use words incorrectly . They use wrong grammatical turns, endings, speech structures and so on.
    • The verb “to be” is used only in the past and future tense. This fact may seem unusual, but in Russian, this verb “to be” is not used in the present tense in general.
  7. Learn a new language #2 - Swap-bot › swap › show

    6 days ago · This swap will be completed in a letter format. Make sure you remember that you are helping someone learn your language. Please include an English translation so that your partner knows what you wrote (maybe include the pronunciation as well) Do some research and figure out where your language is spoken and how many people speak it!

  8. Learning A Foreign Language? Get In Here - Travel - Nigeria › 6072607 › learning-foreign

    6 days ago · Lastly, learn important languages that presents you opportunities and are spoken by many people. Learn endangered languages and help preserve languages that are going extinct. Learning languages makes you more human and if you want to preach to someone, there is no better way than to talk to the person in his native language.

  9. Calls mount for end of Havasu's mask mandate | Local News ... › news › calls-mount-for-end-of

    4 days ago · But don't get me wrong, I fully support all of you who are in the gene pool cleansing Army and I know many of my peers (people who wear masks) also support your "rights." Report hruns100s Sep 12 ...

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