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    Power Play: 3x
    Drawing days Wednesday & Saturday at 10:59pm ET / 7:59pm PT
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    Sep 29, 2023 · With the Powerball calculator (which is actually a Powerball payout calculator or a lottery lump sum vs. annuity calculator), you can estimate how much money you will receive and compare the Powerball lump sum vs. annuity payouts to make the best financial decision on your winnings.

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  4. Powerball Jackpot for Mon, Dec 4, 2023. $412,000,000. $194,000,000. Gross Prize. 30 average annual payments of $13,733,333. Cash: $194,000,000. - 24% federal tax. - $3,296,000. - $46,560,000.

  5. Find out and compare the total payout you would receive if you chose the lump sum or annuity option - followed by a payout chart displaying all 30 annuity payments. To use our Powerball calculator, just type in the advertised jackpot amount and select your state and the calculator will do the rest.

  6. To calculate how much you'll get if you opt for a lump sum payout, look at what you've won, subtract taxes and figure out how many times your annual income is. Lump-Sum Payout and Annuity Payout Calculator for Megamillions, Powerball, Lotto, and Lottery Winnings Generally, there are two kinds of lotteries payout: lump sum payout and annuity payout.

  7. Dec 2, 2023 · Jackpot $185,600,000 State Tax (4.8%) - $8,908,800 Federal Tax (24%) - $44,544,000 Total Tax Deductions - $53,452,800 Net Jackpot After Tax $132,147,200 Notes The cash lump sum payment is the available jackpot prize pool at the time of the draw.

  8. Dec 2, 2023 · Most lottery winners choose the lump sum payout. In either case, while billions of dollars (as in the case of the most recent winning $1.765 billion jackpot) is a bunch of money and $774.1...

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