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  1. Some systems allow you to design your own wiki in full, while others provide templates or can even produce the "foundation" wiki pages for you. Free software packages such as MediaWiki allow you to create wikis on your existing servers. Other services, like the paid-for Confluence, host your wiki pages on their own systems.

  2. 2 Creating your own maps from OSM data. 2.1 Software; 2.2 Directions: Creating your map from OSM data. 2.2.1 How to assemble your own map; 2.3 Creating your own topographic maps; 3 Installing the map onto your GPS. 3.1 What if I have an existing gmapsupp.img file? 3.1.1 Older procedures. On Windows; On Mac OS X; ...

  3. Software developers can use the following frameworks to provide offline geocoding in their own applications: CartoType (cross-platform) Getting directions offline Main article: Routing/offline routers. The following navigation applications support offline routing: Be-on-road (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) Maps.Me (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)

  4. Create, edit, and share videos with our online video maker. Combine your photos, video clips, and music to make quality videos in minutes. Get started free!

  5. Copy your desired .nupkg to your desired location (C drive or where ever you want your packages to be offline. Here the folder is created on C:\packages) inside the packages folder has a file repositories named XML Configuration file just delete it . Open your Visual Studio then open Tools --> Nuget Package Manager --> Package Manager Settings

  6. To create a shared bookmark create a new folder in people & places window and set it as "Shared folder". The access to the bookmark folder is governed by Access Lists. Before you create the shared bookmark folder you will need to make at least one access list that you will use for the folder. Shared bookmark folder has five different levels of ...

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    If your book has a clear focus, sensible title and is a reasonable size, consider adding it to the list of community books. You can either save it directly to Book:Title, or move it there from your userspace. Step-by-step guide. This page shows you how to create a book from Wikipedia articles in four easy steps.

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