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  2. May 24, 2018 · Just as with the birth date, the death date lets you search separately on the birth date, month and year. For deaths prior to 1988 it is advisable to search on the month and year only, as the exact date of death was seldom recorded. Make sure to search for the possible typos! Searching the SSDI by Location of Last Residence

    • Kimberly Powell
  3. Aug 19, 2022 · These are the easiest platforms for navigating the Social Security Death Index. There are a lot of options you’ll find online, but some of the most common are: Ancestry Family Search Genealogy Bank Dons List Once you’ve chosen a tool, determine whether you need a paid account.

  4. National Death Index How to Use the National Death Index: Steps in the Process Step 1: Check your eligibility Carefully read and use the eligibility requirements checklist below to self-evaluate whether your project meets the criteria required to access NDI data. Before You Apply: Eligibility Requirements Checklist

  5. If you are a Federal agency interested in entering into a data exchange agreement with SSA to receive the full file of death information, complete the data exchange request form (SSA-157) and email it to

  6. NCHS National Death Index The NDI is a database of all deaths in the United States Containing over 100 million death records, the National Death Index (NDI) can help you find out who in your study has died by linking your own research datasets to death certificate information for your study subjects.

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