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  1. Introduction to the I Ching; Consult the I Ching. Here are three different options to consult the oracle. Some will prefer that a computer throws the coins for them, as it is quicker, others like to throw real world coins. Consult the Yijing / I Ching online Consult the online I Ching oracle by pressing a button. Enter coins you threw yourself

  2. Please note that your question is anonymous and private, and that it is only used to create a random seed for the random number generator. If you prefer to cast your own coins, use the pull-down menus below to convert the results into hexagrams.

  3. Usage: Instant rimshot. If you need quick access to an ironicly-placed rimshot sound to mock your friends, or a genuinely-placed rimshot to put your great joke over the top, you've come to the right place.

  4. yenchingboise.comYen Ching

    Location. 305 N. Ninth Street (Downtown Boise Idaho, 9th & Bannock) (208) 384-0384

  5. THINGS THAT GO BOING IN THE BRAIN See also: AMERICAN DIGEST See Gallery of Images: KA-CHING! - Tumblr Viewer

  6. The partnership amplifies this engaging and fun financial literacy program, extending its impact to schools and homes across America. Join the Cha-Ching band as they prepare kids grades K-6 with the knowledge, tools, and practice they need to make informed decisions to reach their goals and dreams. Learn More

  7. Ching's Secret doesn't want you to keep your recipes a secret! This is a special chamber designed for all the unique recipes that you have explored, experimented with or tried and tested.Share them with the world and share the joy of cooking!

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